Trauma and Grief

Everyone experiences trauma differently, there is no 'normal' way, people grieve and cope with their loss in their own individual way. People can start to feel themselves again with the help and support of friends and family, some people may need the help of a mental health professional.

Information on trauma and grief can be found at:

  • Blue Knot Foundation  also have resources available for dealing with trauma including this page for survivors and supporters of trauma
  • Lifeline Hunter have counselling available in the Hunter, including, both in person in Singleton and online

While professional support is important, we also know that connecting as a community and sitting with people “in the mud” as they experience grief, loss or distress is equally important. If you’re not sure what to do if faced with this scenario, don’t underestimate the importance of listening and just being with people.

It’s also important that we reach out to check in on people we know who may be impacted. Also consider your own wellbeing and check in on yourself too.