Compliments and Complaints

Singleton Council is committed to being a leading customer-focused organisation and to continually improve the quality of the services we provide to our customers and our community. We also recognise that sometimes we may not get it right.

 We encourage our customers to let us know when:

  • We are doing something well, as compliments
  • When we’re not doing things so well, as concerns or
  • When you think we’ve really got it wrong, as a complaint.

 You can find out more information in our Compliments and Complaints Policy.

Your feedback gives us an opportunity to learn from your experience so that we can evolve our customer focus to suit changing needs and continually work on being best practice when it comes to our processes.

If this matter is life threatening call T 000 immediately.

If there is a risk to health, safety or the environment or this matter is urgent please contact us on T 02 6578 7290.

Whilst we have a number of ways you can contact us, we encourage all feedback to be put into writing (where possible). Please complete the below form, including as much detail as possible (for example, locations, detailed descriptions and document attachments if applicable).

If you complete the below form anonymously, please note we will not be able to contact you regarding your compliment, concern or complaint. We will record your feedback and if we have been provided with sufficient information we will investigate and take appropriate action. 

Lodge a Compliment or Complaint