Property Map

This map has been set up specifically for viewing property details. It allows you to view:

  • aerial photography
  • property boundaries and information
  • suburb and other boundaries

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Planning Controls Map

In addition to information contained in the Property Map, the Singleton Planning Controls Map contains:

  • Zoning, Lot Size, Heritage, Floor Height Restriction, Flood Planning, Development Control Plan, Bushfire Prone Land layers.

  • All properties that contain Bushfire Vegetation Category 1, Category 2 or Buffer Zones on the Bushfire Prone Land layer are considered by Council to be bushfire prone and may be subject to planning assessment.

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Find near me map

The Find Near Me online map helps residents find local services and facilities.

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Terms and Conditions

Information on this system is provided in good faith and is intended for general information purposes only. The information is not intended to be exhaustive or to substitute the need for making independent enquiries. Accordingly, you should verify the information and seek independent advice before acting upon the information. You are also advised to obtain a Section 10.7 planning certificate from Singleton Council before considering any planning, building or development works. These certificates contain requirements and restrictions that apply to the land such as the zoning of a lot.

While every effort has been made to ensure the information is free from errors, Singleton Council does not warrant or make any claim regarding the accuracy, completeness, adequacy or authenticity of the information. You and/or any person using or relying upon the information does so on the basis that Singleton Council shall bear no responsibility for any errors, faults, defects or omissions in the information.

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