Resources for Regions

The NSW Government introduced the Resources for Regions Program in 2012 to support the ongoing prosperity of mining communities in regional NSW by providing vital infrastructure, economic opportunities, and positive social outcomes. 

Following advocacy by Singleton Council, the NSW Government undertook a review of the Resources for Regions program. As a result, a number of recommendations were made, including a guaranteed amount for mining-affected regions calculated on the level of impact, as well as broadening the scope of the program to include community programs in addition to infrastructure projects.

Those recommendations were incorporated into Round Seven of the Resources for Regions program, which was announced in Singleton by the Deputy Premier John Barilaro on Wednesday 24 June 2020. A minimum of $1 million is available in each eligible Local Government Area (LGA). Additional funding will be weighted to the most mining-affected communities using the mining employment location quotient in the relevant LGA.

The Resources for Regions Program is administered by the Department of Regional NSW.

Round Nine

Under Round Nine of the Resources for Regions program in 2022, $12.7million in funding was announced for the Singleton local government area.

Round 9 - 2022/23 Applicant Funds Allocated Description


Singleton Community Art Engagement Program Council $400,000 The Community Art Engagement Program aims to bring national touring exhibitions to Singleton and actively involve the community in digital art and creative projects based at the Singleton Arts and Cultural Centre.

Singleton’s youth and seniors will be particularly targeted, as demographics that will greatly benefit from the social inclusion and creativity that the program offers.

Coupled with this program, funds are also allocated for Public Art Activation in the sculpture court of the new Arts and Cultural Centre.

Public art inclusions will build on Council’s aim to establish the Townhead Park precinct as a cultural destination.
Singleton Innovation and Investment Activation Program Council $300,000 The Singleton Innovation and Investment Activation Program facilitates development of emerging industries and innovation in Singleton. It will create business innovation forums and activate a series of business innovation workshop-based programs, an online innovation and investment portal and resources, and an emerging business innovation network. It will collaborate with new and existing businesses, Business Singleton, key regional stakeholders, local schools, and the Upper Hunter Innovation Precinct.

The program supports economic diversification in Singleton to mitigate mining industry impacts, supporting existing and emerging industry growth, productivity, job creation and the long-term prosperity and resilience of the region.

The program will deliver:

1. Face to face and online business innovation and investment forums and innovation workshop based programs enabling access to practical and expert advice relating to ideation and commercialisation, start up support, investment, and pitch development.

2. A Singleton Innovation Network that facilitates local and regional connection and collaboration, this will include connections with businesses and local schools to provide innovation and entrepreneurialism.

3. An online portal to provide innovation and investment resources and advice on start-up, scale up, ideation, investment, and growth.

4. A fixed contract FTE Innovation and Investment Activation Officer to develop and action the program, run the forums and innovation workshops, develop the online portal with an external supplier and facilitate collaboration between businesses, resource providers, regional organisations and schools.

Singleton Council will collaborate with Business Singleton and the Upper Hunter Innovation Precinct on this program.
Singleton Skills and Employment Exchange Council $300,000 The evolving Upper Hunter economy and mining closures will significantly impact Singleton local jobs. The Singleton Skills and Employment Exchange skills development program will assist Singleton residents to access jobs and careers advice, fee free skills development (traditional and micro credential courses) and connection to employers. This program will support all Singleton residents including transitioning, return to work, youth, mature and vulnerable workers.

This program will identify job skills required (current and emerging), facilitate appropriate skills programs and connection to local employers that supports ongoing job opportunities, long-term resilience, economic diversification, and community prosperity. This program connects Singleton residents to training and skills programs that support local industry and employer needs, including emerging industries.

The program will deliver:

1. A central connection point between Singleton residents, training providers and local employers.

2. Connections and promotion to facilitate access to targeted skills and micro credential courses, skilling residents to meet local employer needs, working with RTO's and state training services to deliver tailored training programs in the Singleton LGA.

3. An online jobs board, employment, and skills resource hub, to improve communication of opportunities across the Singleton LGA.

4. An employment network forum supporting key stakeholders.

5. Personalised, jobs and careers advice to Singleton residents.

6. Identification of the jobs of the future in emerging industries and local community education on how to be future work ready, including local jobs events for Singleton residents.

7. A fixed term contract, FTE Skills and Employment Exchange Program Officer to

activate the program, identify skills needs, provide jobs and careers advice, and facilitate collaboration.

Singleton Council will collaborate with Business Singleton, local and regional employment and training service providers and local employers on this program.
Singleton Access and Inclusion Enhancement program Council $200,000

The Singleton Access and Inclusion Enhancement Program will promote access and inclusion in the community with a focus on business, sporting, and community groups.

The Program will promote understanding and awareness of access by providing training and education programs, provide portable equipment such as portable ramps and hearing augmentation and holding a community-wide International Day for People with a Disability event. In addition, this program will work to address barriers to employment and volunteering for people with a disability.

The Program covers:

  • Community promotion of access and inclusion via consultation, workshops, presentations, and resource materials.
  • Develop and implement access and inclusion training for Council staff and local businesses, organisations, and community groups.
  • Engagement with the community and the Disability Advisory Committee to ensure program outcomes are delivered
    Purchase portable equipment such as ramps and hearing augmentation
  • Produce policy and procedure to administer equipment use
    Communications strategy to promote program
  • International Day for People with a Disability annual community event
    Collaborate with HR and employment

Infrastructure Projects

Singleton Transport Infrastructure Project Council $4,393,850

The Singleton Transport Infrastructure Project consists of two Tiers.

  • TIER 1 (T1) is the Revitalisation of Rural Roads Program. The Rural Roads Revitalisation Program will mitigate the impact of mining on local infrastructure in the LGA, by improving productivity of the Rural Road network through building resilience to natural disasters, such as bushfires and heavy vehicle damage by improved pavement condition. A significant proportion of heavy vehicles on the rural road network are mining- related, including service vehicles and movement of large mining equipment.

    The program covers all LGA Rural Roads initially and a list of rural roads identified following the condition assessment report.

  • TIER 2 (T2) the Cycling and Walking Activation Project.

    The Cycling and Walking Activation Project will improve community amenity by:
  • Providing footpaths that are suitable for use by all members of the community, including those with mobility restrictions
  • Encouraging walking as a mode of transport
  • Creating footpath continuity to improve walkability throughout the town and residential areas
  • Improving health and fitnessIncreasing pedestrian safety.
Singleton Community Amenity Program Council $4,250,000

TIER 1 - Sports Field Improvement

  • New LED lights to Pirtek Rugby League Park
  • Fertilizing sports fields
  • Aerating sports fields
  • Laser level grounds sports fields
  • Pre-emergent pesticide of sports fields
  • Regular mowing of sports fields
  • Irrigation maintenance of sports fields

TIER 2 - Village Amenity Improvement

  • Tree planting
  • Mowing

TIER 3 - Public Spaces Improvement

  • Planting and replacement of trees and gardens along John St and Ryan Ave

TIER 4 - Playground Improvement

  • Playground upgrades and installation of new shelters

TIER 5 - Community Buildings Improvement

  • Security Upgrade
  • Air Conditioning Upgrades
  • Kitchen Upgrade and Disability Access Improvements
  • Library Roof Anchor System
  • Compliance Upgrade
  • Verandah Improvements
  • Auditorium Roof Renewal
  • Lake St Clair Amenities Disability Access

TIER 6 - Flood mitigation Improvement.

  • Assess the drainage network and capital works program
Singleton Community Rural Halls Upgrade Program

Broke Hall

Bulga Hall

Elderslie Hall

Glendon Hall

Glendon Brook Hall

Hebden Hall

Mirannie Hall

Mitchell’s Flat Hall

Mount Olive Hall

Putty Hall

Warkworth Hall

Whittingham Hall


Rural Halls play an integral role in the life of rural communities, acting as community
centres, neighbourhood safe spaces and evacuation centres. This project aims to improve the infrastructure of the halls and increase their liveability and ability to meet the needs of their community.

The project aims to:

  • Improve and update infrastructure eg paths, toilets, outdoor areas, internal fit outs and facilities
  • Upgrade existing facilities to better meet building and current safety standards
  • Provide improved access and functionality
  • Improve the overall appearance of the Halls to better meet community needs eg painting

Each hall has developed a scope of works that will enable them to provide a welcoming and appropriate place for the community to meet, to provide a focus for community activities and to provide a safe place for communities impacted by natural disasters.

Funding will be used to upgrade current facilities and increase the ability of the halls to meet the needs of the community, these needs range from a centre for the community to gather and meet and develop connections, a place to learn as well as a place for emergency services in time of trouble eg fires, floods as well as enhancing the sense of community in rural and remote villages.

Singleton Golf Club Drainage and Irrigation Improvements Singleton Golf Club $450,000

The Singleton Golf Course is open to all members of the community as open space and is frequented by joggers, dog walkers, and used by school students as a short cut to school as well as school sports.

The project will realign and increase the capacity of the drainage line and dams across the golf course on Howe Park and upgrade irrigation pump station.

The three current dams will be desilted and enlarged with a weir installed at the downstream end to maintain water in the drain at all times. This will provide increased storage capacity and settlement of the drainage water resulting in improved quality for the irrigation efficiency, allowing the club to irrigate at night with the upgraded pump station.

The realigned drain with four new bridges will enhance the ambience of the park.

Singleton Rugby Club Grandstand Final Stage Singleton Rugby Club $250,000

The Grandstand Final Stage will see the completion of the new world class sporting facility, with the scope of works including:

  • Kitchen kiosk safety standard ventilation
  • Air-conditioning of the ground floor
  • First Aid room
  • Training room fit out
  • Solar power
  • Internal seating and lockers
  • Accessible grandstand car park
Singleton Showground Pavilion and Office Facilities Upgrade NAAS $400,000

The Showground has been cared for by volunteers of the NAAS Committee for over a century.

In 145 years, more than 2 million people have walked through the gates. Some facilities, the Pavilion amenities and Main Office Facilities are now in need of an upgrade that will ensure the longevity of the Showground for the next 150 years.

The scope of works includes:

  • Amenities upgrade
  • Removal of old toilets
  • Removal of old sinks and tiling
  • Replace with new toilets, plumbing and fitout
  • Main Office facilities upgrade
  • Removal of old office facilities
  • Fit out of new main office facilities
  • Asbestos removal
Total for Round 9 $12,713,850



Round Eight

Under Round Eight of the Resources for Regions program in 2021, $8,005,210 in funding was announced for the Singleton local government area.

Round 8 - 2021/22 Project Manager Funds Allocated


Project Manager

Funds Allocated

Employer Connect Workforce Development Program

Singleton Council


Building Mental Resilience and Well Health Navigation

Singleton Council


Defence Families Employment Pathways

Community Partner – Soldier On


Singleton Connected - Joint Action Activation Program + worker

Community Partner – Singleton Neighbourhood Centre


Switching Up Business Growth - Reimaging Regional Business Growth

Singleton Council


Creative industry development program

Singleton Council


Total for Programs



Infrastructure Project Manager Funds Allocated

PCYC extension

Community Partner – Singleton PCYC


Singleton Rugby League Club - New Amenities and Function Area

Community Partner – Singleton Rugby League


Rugby Club Grandstand Fit Out - Stage 3

Community Partner – Singleton Rugby Club


Mining Roads Upgrade Program

Singleton Council


Cook Park covered spectator areas

Singleton Council


Public amenity improvements (garden beds, streetscapes etc)

Singleton Council


Singleton Destination Enhancement Project - Wayfinding Implementation Stage 1

Singleton Council


Lake St Clair improvements

Singleton Council


Extension of Broke Path on Milbrodale Road

Singleton Council


Public Art precincts

Singleton Council


Total for Infrastructure

$ 6,955,210.00

Total Round 8



Round Seven

Under Round Seven of the Resources for Regions program in 2020, $4,571,283 in funding was announced for the Singleton local government area.

Round 7 - 2020/21  Project Manager Funds Allocated


Singleton Worker Pathways Program – Worker Support Services

Singleton Council


Building Better Businesses - Business Advisory Hub and Training Program

Singleton Council


Singleton Neighbourhood Centre - Community Liaison Program & Worker

Community Partner – Singleton Neighbourhood Centre


Defence Family and Veteran Employment Pathways Program

Singleton Council – Soldier On


Guide to Navigating Mental Health Services

Singleton Council


Community Hub Business Case

Singleton Council


People and Place - Singleton Identity Program

Singleton Council


Total for Programs




Project Manager

Funds Allocated

Sports Field Flood Light Improvements

Singleton Council


Broke Village Shared Footpath

Singleton Council


Singleton Rugby Club Grandstand Stand Stage 2

Community Partner – Singleton Rugby Club


Singleton Showground New Multi Purpose Performance Shed

Community Partner – Singleton Showground


Singleton Golf Club New Machinery Shed and Associated Works

Community Partner – Singleton Golf Club


Wonnarua Healing Centre

Community Partner – Wonnarua Land Corporation


Hamiltons Crossing Road CausEway

Singleton Council


Howe Park Surface Renovations

Singleton Council


Total for Infrastructure


Total Round 7