Advocacy is the process of influencing others to create positive change. Successful advocacy results in a change such as funding to deliver a project, infrastructure or initiatives or a change in government policy. 

Derived from the Community Strategic Plan

In 2022, we adopted the Create Singleton 2032 ten year Community Strategic Plan (CSP).

The CSP is a “big picture” plan based around the outcomes our community has told us will make Singleton a better place to live, work and visit. These are long term goals that Council cannot deliver on alone — we need to work with the state and federal government, businesses and our community to achieve this together.

Singleton’s vision is to be:

  • Vibrant 
  • Progressive 
  • Connected
  • Sustainable 
  • Resilient 

What's next?

Through consultation with you, we have drawn together a platform of key priorities that we believe will ensure the next state and federal governments deliver for Singleton.

Our vision is for a prosperous, equitable and sustainable Singleton, that provides transport options, a range of industries and encourages people to meet and businesses to flourish. A local government area that is able to adapt to new technology, creates opportunity, embraces diversity and offers the best qualities of life in the world.

Our invitation to the NSW and Federal Governments is simple: let’s work together to ensure Singleton thrives. Council will continue to lobby, and meet with various agencies and ministers to ensure our message is received.

Singleton Advocacy Agenda

Putting our community first is paramount for Singleton Council. It is the cornerstone of everything we do, which is why the Singleton Advocacy Agenda plays an important role in setting Council’s direction ahead of state and federal elections.

The Agenda lays the foundation for Council and the community to commence action today that will create long-lasting change into the future. If acted upon, this agenda will form the blueprint for our local government areas transformation.

Click here to view the current Singleton Advocacy Agenda 2022/2023Singleton Infrastructure Agenda 2022/2023 and Infrastructure Project Detail and Support.