Community Strategic Plan

The Community Strategic Plan outlines the community's vision and priorities for the future of Singleton over a ten year period.  

The Create Singleton 2032 Community Strategic Plan is the blueprint for the future of Singleton for the next 10 years, setting the course for a vibrant, progressive, sustainable, connected and resilient community. 

At each new term of Council, the plan is reviewed to make sure it is aligned with community priorities. It is prepared as a reference tool for Council, state government agencies, community groups, non-government organisations, businesses and individuals, who all have a part to play in building our ideal future.

The Plan is supported by the Delivery Program, Resourcing Strategy and Operational Plan.

The plan:

  • Outlines Council’s role in delivering these priorities
  • How Council will work with other governments and agencies to achieve our community’s priorities
  • Provides for community participation in decision making
  • Provides a basis of accountability and consistency in reporting

View the current Community Strategic Plan