Singleton Sports Grants

Singleton Council offers grants for local sporting clubs, which are designed to assist and support sport within the community.

About the Grant Program

Singleton Council recognises the important contribution sport and recreation community organisations make in planning, developing and maintaining sport and recreation facilities and programs in their communities.

The Sports Grants program seeks to achieve Council’s objective of “Singleton is a creative, vibrant, inclusive, safe and healthy community“ through the provision of financial support to eligible community sporting organisations for projects that aim to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Upgrading sport and recreation facilities to meet standards, regulations and changing community needs and expectations
  • Promoting healthy and socially inclusive communities through investing in the development of accessible sport and recreation facilities
  • Increasing opportunities to groups with inequitable access to sport and recreation activities and infrastructure
  • Facilitating well-planned, infrastructure projects that meet community needs developed through collaborative approaches to increasing participation in sport and recreation activities
  • Encouraging sustainability in the design, development and management of sport and recreation facilities

Preference will be given to applications that:

  • are identified within Council’s, the club’s or state body’s strategic planning documents
  • demonstrate self-help, commitment and future sustainability
  • demonstrate collaboration and partnerships between community sporting organisations
  • do not duplicate existing projects or activities
  • embrace innovation and forward thinking

In 2023/2024, $171,642 is available with $85,821 available in Round 1.

Dates for 2023/2024

The opportunity to apply for grants is available twice annually, and will be promoted on the Singleton Council website and social media, outlining the availability of application forms and guidelines, and the closing dates.

Round 1

  • Grant Program Opens: 21 August 2023
  • Grant Program Closes: 15 September 2023
  • Successful Project Notified: November 2023
  • Funding Agreements Due: December 2023

Round 2

  • Grant Program Opens: 26 February 2024
  • Grant Program Closes: 22 March 2024 
  • Successful Project Notified: May 2024
  • Funding Agreements Due: June 2024

Funding Parameters

Organisations may apply for a grant of up to 50% of the cost of the project. (Note that donated materials or voluntary labour will not be considered in the project cost). 

This will be waivered for community groups applying for funding to undertake strategic plans and for community groups that can demonstrate extenuating circumstances (where 100% of the cost of the project will be provided).

Extenuating circumstances include repairs required due to natural disasters (e.g. bushfires, storms, floods), vandalism, or where clubs do not have a source of income through the levying of fees and charges (e.g. Parkrun).

Where emergency repairs are required to ensure the ongoing operation of the sports facility, Council will accept an application outside of the specified rounds. Should the application be supported by the grants committee, the funding can be approved by the General Manager and Mayor.

Eligible Applicants and Projects

Organisations that can apply must:

  • Be community-based non-for-profit
  • Have an ABN, or an auspicing body with an ABN
  • Be based in the Singleton Local Government Area or be delivering the project in the Singleton Local Government Area

Funding will not be provided to:

  • Individuals
  • Schools
  • Government departments
  • Organisations that have not acquitted previous grant/donations from this fund 

Eligible Projects

Projects for the following will be considered on their merits and community benefit.

Purchasing small items of equipment, for example:

  • First aid equipment
  • Equipment for use inside/outside club houses and amenities
  • Sporting equipment for use by teams

Minor repairs and upgrades to buildings or grounds, for example:

  • Signage, notice boards or painting
  • Fences, plumbing, or electrical

Holding of events, for example:

  • Events that promote participation in sport and physical activity and provide a focal point for community building and engagement e.g. a club could host a specific event/tournament. An event must be conducted on a specified day or consecutive days at a specified location.
  • Events that primarily involve sporting competition or mass participation in an organised physical activity e.g. an exhibition sporting match or hosting an interstate sports carnival 

Note: An event does not include regular ongoing weekly/monthly sporting competitions/activities and does not include the cost of food. The event date must be included in the application.

Strategic Planning

Funding of 100% of the cost of the project will be available to community groups wishing to prepare a Strategic Plan for their club. The plan should be endorsed by the State Sporting Organisation and adopted by the club’s committee within 12 months of receiving the funding.

Assisting with obtaining larger grants

Assistance towards planning, professional and application fees in preparing grant applications for larger projects. Funding cannot be used for projects that:

  • Do not meet relevant Australian standards
  • Do not have the necessary approvals, including a Permit to Undertake Work issued by Singleton Council
  • Are proposed on private land, unless there is a clear public benefit to the community’s interest in sport and active recreation and there is documented consent from the land owner
  • Provide little or no public access
  • Have already commenced prior to the grant program closing date or cannot be completed within 12 months from the signing of the funding agreement
  • Provide experiences that do not meet the definition of sport and active recreation

How to Apply

Applications are to be submitted on the Singleton Council Sports Grant Application Form.

Applications, including all required documentation, must be submitted by 4pm Friday 15 September 2023 to be included in Round 1.

Applications must be addressed to “Singleton Council Sports Grant” and may be lodged by:

In person: Singleton Council Administration Centre, cnr Queen Street and Civic Avenue, Singleton 
Post: PO Box 314, Singleton NSW 2330

Required documentation to be included in all applications:

  • Owners consent to complete the project where not on Council land
  • Copies of any required approvals e.g. Development Approval, Event Approval or Permit to Undertake Works
  • At least one quote to substantiate the expenditure in the project budget
  • If an auspicing body is being used for the purpose of this grant application, a letter of support from that body must be attached to the grant application
  • Successful applicants will be required to raise a tax invoice to Council



An initial eligibility assessment will be undertaken to determine that the applicant organisation is eligible to apply, the application is complete, submitted by the closing date and meets program requirements in regard to project commencement and completion dates and amount of funds requested.

Projects will then be assessed by a panel including two Councillor representatives of the Singleton Sports Council and Council’s Manager Infrastructure Services.

The assessment panels will assess each application against the following criteria:

  • The project will deliver on one or more of the program’s objectives
  • The project will meet an identified need effectively
  • The applicant organisation demonstrates the capacity and experience to deliver the project. Evidence of project partners will be considered as adding to your capacity to deliver the project
  • The budget is reasonable and cost effective
  • The distribution of the grant funds is at the discretion of the assessment panel and no further correspondence will be entered into

Grants Aquittal

Except where an extension has been agreed with Council, funding is to be used within 12 months of the signing of the funding agreement and is either to be acquitted by this time or returned to Singleton Council.

To acquit the funding the recipient must forward a one page report to Singleton Council and confirm that the funding has been spent, the date the funding was spent, and that the money was used for the purpose described in the application form. The report is to be signed by an office bearer of the community group.

For enquiries or assistance regarding applications and acquittals please contact Council’s Coordinator Recreation and Facilities at Singleton Council on:

T 02 6578 7269


For more information regarding Grants, visit the
NSW Office of Sport.