Council's Procurement Process

Singleton Council is a complex business and makes a significant contribution to the success of our local economy through the engagement of suppliers in a broad range of areas, from major capital works projects and building and repairing roads, to the daily operation of our Library and childcare centres.

We also operate in a heavily regulated environment in accordance with section 55 of the Local Government Act 1993, NSW and Local Government (General) Regulation 2005, NSW, not least because we work on behalf of our community and bear a major responsibility when expending funds derived from local ratepayers, fees paid by the users of community services and facilities, and taxpayers through government grants and contributions. 

Depending on the level of expenditure, Council is required to use different methods of procurement to ensure legislative compliance.

Doing Business with Council Guide 

Regulations, transparency, and obligations to our community to achieve the best value for money and to conduct activities in a sustainable, fair and ethical manner may make Council’s procurement processes a daunting prospect.

That's why we've created a Doing Business with Council Guide to give you a better understanding of Council’s procurement process, covering everything from tenders and quotations through to safety, risk and environmental management.

You’ll note that we place a heavy emphasis on supporting local suppliers and contractors where it is cost effective and supports value for money to do so, building on Council’s local economic development and social procurement initiatives. This may include subcontractors, local branches and employment opportunities as well as material or resources sourced within the Singleton local government area or the wider Hunter region.

Sustainability in all its forms is also a fundamental consideration in all that we do, covering the source and manufacture of the products we use, the whole of lifecycle of facilities we build and the footprint we leave behind – both environmentally and economically – for generations to come.

Whether you’ve worked with Council before, or your business is looking at opportunities for the first time, this Guide will present you with all the information you need.

Doing Business with Council guide