Public Swimming Pools and Spas

Council undertakes routine inspections and water testing at public swimming pools and spa pools to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Public Health Act 2010.

Healthy Swimming

When using pools, you can help by following these steps:

  • Shower and wash thoroughly before entering the pool
  • Don’t swallow pool water
  • Stay out of the water if you have an open wound (for example, from surgery or a piercing) that's not covered by a waterproof bandage
  • Don’t swim if you have had diarrhoea

If you have concerns about the safety of a public swimming pool or spa, please report it to our customer service team.

Occupier of a premise with a public pool or spa must ensure they are operated and maintained in accordance with the Public Health Act 2010 and the Public Health Regulation 2012


Registration and inspection

Premises with a public swimming pool (including children’s splash pools) or spa in the Singleton local government area must be registered with Singleton Council.

Council conducts regular inspections of public swimming pools or spas as part of our routine inspection program.