Development in flood prone areas

Council places special provisions on development to reduce the flood risk to buildings, residents and neighbours.

Local Environment Plan

The Singleton Local Environmental Plan outlines the provisions for development in Flood Prone Areas in Singleton.

Development Control Plan (DCP)

The Singleton Development Control Plan contains the controls applied to a flood prone lot are dependent on the flood hazard category and the nature of flooding on the subject property.

Floodplain Risk Management Plan

The Singleton Floodplain Risk Management Plan aims to:

  • Take an integrated risk management approach to the development of flood prone land, recognising that land should not be unnecessarily restricted and that decisions take into account the flood hazard.
  • Provide a framework to manage floodplain risk through cost effective measures that address the flood hazard as identified in local floodplain risk management studies and plans.
  • Ensure that the Emergency Services are provided with the most up- to- date flood information so they can include it in their emergency response and recovery planning.

Floodplain Management

Council continuously works on updating and improving our understanding of flood risk within the Singleton Local Government area using the NSW Government's Floodplain Management Program.

Floodplain Management Process

There are 5 stages in the Floodplain Management Process:

  1. Data Collection - collecting relevant information
  2. Flood Study – build a hydraulic model to define the nature and extent of the flood problem in technical rather than map form
  3. Floodplain Risk Management Study – update the hydraulic model to determine options in consideration of risk
  4. Floodplain Risk Management Plan – planned actions to be adopted for Council
  5. Plan Implementation – doing the works.

Singleton Flood Studies and Plans

Information on the flood studies, drainage studies and floodplain risk management studies and plans that have been undertaken in the Singleton area can be accessed below: