Singleton Waste Management Facility

Rules of Entry

Whilst at the Singleton Waste Management Facility, please adhere to the following rules at all times:

  • Enclosed footwear must be worn onsite and when exiting your vehicle
  • Pets and children must remain in your vehicle at all times
  • Scavenging and removing materials from the Waste Management Centre is not permitted
  • Obey all staff instructions and signs
  • Smoking onsite is not permitted
  • You must cover your load.

During periods of wet weather, please contact Singleton Waste Management Facility as tipping may not be possible for all or some types of waste.

Operating Hours

Monday -  Friday
8am to 4.30pm

Saturday - Sunday (and Public Holidays)
9am to 4.30pm

Closed: Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Good Friday

Fees and Charges

Singleton Waste Management Facility accepts EFTPOS or on account (subject to approval). Cash and cheques will not be accepted.

For fees and charges, please see our Fees and Charges Schedule.

All charges include GST and State Government Waste Levy.

Community Recycling Centre

The Singleton Community Recycling Centre (CRC) provides Singleton residents with a user-friendly facility, making it easier to dispose of recyclable and household problem wastes FOR FREE.

To access the CRC you will need to pull up to our weigh bridge so our operators can review your items first before you recycle them (this is so we can record how much we are recycling and reduce contamination levels). 

Items that can be recycled include:

  • Aluminium and steel
  • Car batteries
  • Electronic waste
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fluorescent light globes and tubes
  • Gas cylinders (empty)
  • Glass bottles
  • Household batteries
  • Motor oils
  • Other oils
  • Paints - oil and water-based
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Plastics
  • Polystyrene
  • Smoke detectors

Read more on the NSW EPA website.

This project is a NSW EPA “Waste Less, Recycle More” initiative funded from the waste levy.

Special Waste

There are specific costs and conditions (including three (3) business days advance notification of delivery) for disposal of special wastes, including but not limited to, asbestos, large concrete sections, bulky demolition waste, fine dusty wastes and animal wastes.


Council has strict conditions for the acceptance of asbestos waste at the Singleton Waste Management Facility. It is essential customers follow directions before and during disposal to avoid asbestos exposure to themselves, staff, and other people. Bookings for disposal must be made before entry via our online booking system (CRM) and will require a minimum of 24 hours notice. 

Click here to view the asbestos disposal fact sheet.

Enquiries and notification can be made to Council’s Customer Service Centre on 02 6578 7290

Burragan Recycle Shop

Sort the treasure from the trash! Complementing the Community Recycle Centre operations, and stepping up the commitment to reducing waste and increasing recycling, the Burragan Recycling Shop at Singleton Waste Management Facility opened for business 5 November 2016.

The shop name, Burragan is a local Aboriginal word meaning boomerang and reflects the nature of the items for sale returning back into use.

Operating Hours

Open every day
10am to 2pm
Closed: Christmas Day and Good Friday

T 02 6578 7329

How it works

Facility staff divert items destined for landfill to the recycling shop, including building items from renovations such as doors, flooring and pavers, nuts, bolts, nails and household items such as furniture, knick knacks and bicycles.

Funds raised through the recycling shop operations assist with Councils disposal of expensive recyclables and problem wastes such as chemicals and e-waste.  These services are currently offered free of charge to the community.

This Singleton Council project was supported by the NSW Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.

Free Domestic Waste Voucher

The Domestic Waste Voucher is provided as a component of the annual Domestic Waste Management Charge, where by each rateable property with a current waste management service (kerbside) applied is allocated 1 x Domestic Waste Voucher per financial year. The provision of such has been in place since 2004.

The terms and conditions of the Domestic Waste Voucher are as follows;

  • Valid for use in the financial year issued
  • Vouchers are non-transferable
  • Vouchers will not be replaced if lost or destroyed
  • Vouchers must be presented with appropriate identification at the time of disposal
  • Vouchers are for domestic, non-commercial waste only
  • Vouchers cannot be redeemed for money
  • Vouchers are limited to a maximum of 300kg, gate fees apply for additional weight presented
  • Vouchers do not include the disposal of mattresses or tyres

Free Tyre Drop Off Days

Singleton Waste Management Facility hosts several free tyre drop off days for residents each year, where residents can drop off up to four motorbike, car, 4WD or light truck tyres for free. 

You'll also be helping the environment, with 82% of each tyre recycled in a range of ways in road productions, playground and sporting surfaces, civil infrastructure and engineering products. 

* Proof of Singleton residency is required

* Truck and heavy vehicle tyres will not be accepted

Free Mattress Musters

Singleton Waste Management Facility hosts free Mattress Musters each year, where each household in the Singleton LGA can drop up to four mattresses for free. 

Cot mattresses, innerspring mattress, foam and latex mattresses and ensemble bases will be accepted. Please note a mattress and ensemble base will count as two items. 

You'll also be helping the environment, with 75% of mattress components able to be recycled.

* Limit 4 mattresses per customers

* Proof of Singleton LGA address required 

Community Recycling Stations

Community recycling stations are available at several Council buildings, accepting household batteries, mobile phones, printer cartridges and keyboards.

Participating buildings:

  • Singleton Council Administration Building - Queen Street, Singleton
  • Singleton Library - Queen St, Singleton
  • Singleton Youth Venue - Pitt St, Singleton

Monitoring and Reporting

In accordance with the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997, Council has prepared and implemented a number of Pollution Incident Response Management Plans (PIRMP).

Click here to view the Environmental Monitoring Data for 2022.

Singleton Waste Management Facility

Any identified incident should be reported using the Environmental Incident Notification Form.