Voice of the Customer

Council has embarked upon a program of transformation called "The Voice of the Customer" which has changed the way we work and the way we operate by embedding customer centricity in every decision we make.

Excellent customer experiences are created when we work diligently on improving every touchpoint a customer has across our organisation. Decisions are made in a context where all employees understand the impact they have on a customer - whether that customer is external or internal.

Recognising the importance of the purpose of Singleton Council and with the people of Singleton at the heart of everything we do, we aim to hold ourselves to the highest accountability in how we serve all our customers, including our residents, local businesses, investors and visitors.

We have adopted a CX Strategy with five guiding principles and drivers that underpin everything we do - they put the customer at the heart of decisions and service improvements to help our customers and our people to thrive. Whether you are looking to access information, conduct business and transactions, or use Council services, your experience is our priority. Through this journey, we will identify how we can help you more effectively, more efficiently and in a manner more convenient to you.

We also have adopted a CX Framework which consists of four pillars which support and drive excellent customer experiences. We will benchmark the pillars and act on opportunities identified to create strategic objectives and action plans.

As we continue to enhance the Voice of the Customer Program, there will be the opportunity for you, as the customer, to get involved and help shape the way we deliver services, including surveys, focus groups and other opportunities for feedback and collaboration.