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The purpose of this policy is to outline the vision and principles which guide the provision of arts and cultural development services, programs and infrastructure in the Singleton local government area. It is also intended to inform the wider community of Council’s commitment to arts, cultural development, heritage and cultural tourism. 

Singleton Council acknowledges the serious health hazard of exposure to asbestos. It has an important role in both maintaining a safe environment and minimising, as far as reasonably practicable, the risk of exposure to asbestos by the public within the local government area (LGA) and workers in Council workplaces.  

Council is committed to complying with the Model Asbestos Policy and Guide for NSW councils developed by the Heads of Asbestos Coordination Authorities to promote a consistent local government approach to asbestos management across NSW.

This policy has been developed to ensure the disposal of surplus assets to council requirements is carried out in a manner that promotes obtaining best value for money; accountability; sustainability; fairness and impartiality; and avoids any conflicts of interest.

The purpose of this Policy is to broadly outline the principles and requirements for undertaking Assessment Management (AM) across Singleton Council in a structured and co-ordinated manner to provide the desired level of service to the community consistent with Council’s Community Strategic Plan. The AM Policy ensures that Council understands, and is informed of the long-term and collective consequences of being the custodian of the public infrastructure.

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure clear and consistent branding for Singleton Council. This Policy and the Singleton Council Brand Guidelines provide the framework to deliver Council’s corporate brand in a consistent and professional manner across all applications. 

Singleton Council is committed to maintaining safe and secure spaces for our staff and community. Council’s CCTV systems and the use of portable surveillance devices acts to:

  1. Protect Singleton Council employees, residents and visitors;
  2. Protect and manage Singleton Council built and natural assets;
  3. Identify, prosecute and deter crime or unlawful behaviour and provide assistance to external statutory agencies;
  4. Promote a safer and more liveable community; and
  5. Monitor and protect the environment.
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