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Your Wellbeing Benefits

Keeping our employees motivated, productive, happy, and healthy is not just important - it's essential. We are committed to supporting our employees’ wellbeing through programs that are focused on making sure all areas of your life are healthy - Mind, Body and Heart.

Swell Program: Our award-winning Swell (safe + well) Program provides targeted monthly initiatives that support and educate our people in all things mind, body and heart.

Health + Wellbeing Leave: Also known as a “Swell Day”, all eligible employees (excluding casuals) are entitled to up to 2 days paid leave each year from their accrued sick leave balance. Health and Wellbeing Leave is to promote the proactive management of employee physical and mental health in the workplace, to assist employees to thrive and perform at their best.

Fitness Passport: Employees can embrace a healthy lifestyle with a terrific value passport to fitness. Affordable membership gives employees and their family unlimited access to Fitness Passport partner facilities.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Council offers a comprehensive EAP designed to assist employees meet the challenges and demands of their work and personal life. EAP gives you access to qualified professionals, including psychologists, social workers, and management coaches. EAP is a confidential service available to all employees and immediate family members for up to six sessions per year.

Flu Vaccinations: Annual free flu vaccinations are offered to all employees.

Skin Checks: Annual free skin checks are offered to all employees.

Mentally Healthy Workplace: Council has obtained Advanced status under the Mental Health First Aid Australia’s Workplace Recognition Program.

Your Flexible Work Benefits

Council is committed to providing flexible working arrangements to its employees to assist in managing their work and personal life commitments, where such arrangements support and comply with operational needs.

Work from home: Eligible employees may request to perform their usual work at a location away from the office.

Rostered Day Off: Eligible employees who work full time can work extra time each day to accumulate one RDO every three weeks.

Nine-day fortnight: Eligible employees may request to work extra time over the fortnight to work nine days over the fortnight.

Four-day week: Eligible employees may request to condense their regular Monday – Friday hours over four days per week.

Your Leave Benefits

Council is committed to providing a range of leave entitlements to its employees for rest, recreation, and personal life commitments.

Concessional LeaveAll employees (excluding casuals) are granted up to three days special paid holidays during the Christmas Closure period each year.

Annual Leave: All employees (excluding casuals) are entitled to four weeks paid annual leave. Eligible employees may also be entitled to take their annual leave at: full pay, half pay or double pay.

Sick + Carer’s Leave: All permanent employees (excluding casuals) are entitled to three weeks paid sick leave.

Long Service Leave: Eligible employees are entitled to long service leave after five years. Eligible employees may also be entitled to take their long service leave at: full pay, half pay or double pay.

Purchase of Additional Annual Leave: Eligible permanent employees may elect to purchase two – four weeks additional annual leave.

Parental Leave: Council offers paid and unpaid parental leave for eligible employees.

Domestic + Family Violence Leave: Singleton Council is committed to creating an environment where our employees feel safe and are confident in seeking support from domestic violence. To ensure we are supporting those employees who are directly affected by domestic violence, Council provides up to 10 days of paid special leave per annum.

Your Development Benefits

Council’s commitment to ongoing training and development means you will always have opportunity to build your skills and explore different pathways either between departments or upwards into leadership roles.

Training Courses: Council offers a range of training courses covering all aspects of compliance and corporate training.

Professional Development: Council provides opportunities for employees to enhance their existing skills and knowledge through workshops, conferences, formal training, networking, projects, coaching etc.

Education Assistance: Council offers various levels of education assistance as outlined in its Education Assistance Procedure. Eligible employees may receive financial assistance and/or study leave.

Leadership Development ProgramCouncil provides an annual Leadership Program that supports the development of our People Leaders and emerging leader’s capabilities.

Grow our Own: Provides opportunities for employees to develop and enhance their skills through secondments, higher duties, mentoring, coaching and project work. Specific internal career opportunities including qualifications and training are also available.

Aspiring Leaders Program: Provides professional development opportunities for employees wishing to explore future career pathways of leadership and to develop their skills, knowledge and capabilities. The program is aimed at identifying and fostering our future leaders through by employees self-nominating in different initiatives that are made available, including our Leadership Development Program, Sharon Hutch Memorial Scholarship, Next Gen Conference, Rural Management Challenge.

Reward + Recognition

Council recognises that a culture of recognition is a fundamental principle for creating an engaged and effective workforce.

ESSPecialist Program Awards: Our employees are formally recognised and rewarded for their outstanding contribution to meet our workforce vision to be ‘Engaged, Safe, Sustainable, Performing’ (ESSP). We celebrate individuals and team excellence across the organisation.

Service Awards: Our employees are recognised for their service to Council on a quarterly basis.

Employee Shout Out: A platform for all employees to recognise their colleague’s positive contributions, performance, achievement, good news stories and project initiatives.

Value Cards: A platform for People Leaders to recognise employees or teams for their efforts, contribution, achievement, initiative, or performance.