Fraud and Corruption

Singleton Council is committed to preventing, detecting and responding to any fraud and corruption related conduct.

Council has a Policy and Prevention Plan in place to demonstrate that we do not and will not tolerate fraudulent practices either by our own staff, contractors or others working for Council and we will not tolerate others using fraudulent practices against Council, our staff or the functions and services that we provide.

What is fraud?

Dishonest activity causing actual or potential financial loss to any person or entity including theft of moneys or other property where deception is used at the time, immediately before or immediately following the activity. This also includes the deliberate falsification, concealment, destruction or use of falsified documentation used or intended for use for a normal business purpose or the improper use of information or position.

What is corruption?

Any conduct which could affect the honest or impartial exercise of official functions, or may be a breach of trust, or may involve the misuse of any Council information by any Council official.

Report any suspected fraudulent or corrupt behaviour