Singleton Local Environment Plan 1996

The Singleton Local Environmental Plan 1996 (SLEP 1996) is legislation that sets rules and standards for development and land uses on private and public land. The SLEP 1996 was made on the 5th of July 1996 and at that time, applied to the entire Singleton Local Government Area (LGA).

On the 6th September 2013, the Singleton Local Environmental Plan 2013 (SLEP 2013) replaced the SLEP 1996 as the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) for the Singleton LGA.

Bulga Deferred Matter

The SLEP 2013 identifies certain land in the Singleton LGA as being the Bulga ‘Deferred Matter’ site, which is land to which the SLEP 2013 does not yet apply and the SLEP 1996 continues to apply.

The SLEP 1996 guides planning decisions for the Bulga ‘Deferred Matter’ site through land use zoning, development standards and controls.

The primary function of a Local Environmental Plan (LEP) is to manage land use and development by separating incompatible land uses through land use zones. Each zone has a specific set of objectives that identify the purpose of the zone and a land use table, which describes the type of development that is permitted with consent, permitted without consent or prohibited.