Agriculture Opportunities

The Singleton region features broad valley floor areas and alluvial soils with a long history of cropping and grazing. The variety of landscapes supports a diverse range of agricultural industries, all of which place a high value on the region’s reliable water supplies.


Beef cattle grazing occurs throughout the Singleton region and is the most frequent agricultural land use. Dairying and equine grazing enterprises are concentrated in areas that feature alluvial soils suitable for highly productive pastures and reliable access to water.

Other grazing enterprises include; sheep for wool and prime lambs predominantly in the drier, more inland areas and smaller scale domestic goats (for meat or wool) or alpacas.


Singleton is within one of Australia’s premier wine producing regions - the Hunter Valley - and has over 40 vineyards growing a variety of grapes and olives.

International Trends

There are major international trends that Singleton can capitalise on to increase agricultural productivity, such as increasing global connectivity and proximity to Asia, where the demand for fresh food is growing. Globally, middle-class markets are expected to be looking for value-added agricultural produce, including wine, cheese and other food products.

Competitive Advantages

Domestically, Singleton has competitive advantages courtesy of its proximity to the rapidly growing Sydney market, connectivity to regions to the north, west and south, and the export capability available through the Port of Newcastle and Newcastle Airport. Singleton currently has excellent access to transport routes and markets to service the variety of agricultural industries via the Hunter Express Way, New England Highway, Golden Highway and regional rail links.

Singleton offers excellent agricultural opportunities in:

  • Horticulture and Indoor Cropping
  • Beef and Sheep Farming
  • Equine Industry
  • Viticulture
  • Intensive Agriculture
  • Hay and hemp production

Resources and Links

The following resources and links provide detailed agricultural analysis for Singleton and the Upper Hunter Region