Tipping Concession Cards

Waste disposal (tipping) concession cards for the Singleton Waste Management Facility are available for residents who live on remote rural properties. Cards must be renewed on an annual basis.

How it works

The following conditions apply to Tipping Concession Cards:

  • Six-visit and 12-visit cards are available for purchase;
  • Cards are valid for use within 12 months from date of purchase;
  •  There is a 300kg limit per concession card visit. Multiple visits can be allocated for loads of more than 300kg.
  • The six or 12 visits can be made at any time during the validity of the card;
  • Cards will not be accepted for use after the expiry date shown on the card; and
  • The wallet-sized cards will be punched to acknowledge each visit to Singleton Waste Depot.



To be eligible to purchase a Tipping Concession Card, you must reside within the boundary of the Singleton Local Government Area and one of the following categories must be applicable:

  • Live on a non-serviced road (Council contracted waste collection truck does not service road) in a rural area;
  • Live on a serviced road in a rural area, where the house is more than 200m from the road; and
  • Genuine cases of hardship on a serviced road (to be assessed on an individual basis).