Government Services

Both the Australian and NSW Government offer services to help you live work and be an active member of your community. These services can help you to get a drivers licence, find a job or pay part of your medical expenses. You may be able to use the service online but in some situations, you will need to visit a service centre.


Centrelink is a part of Services Australia. Centrelink delivers payments and services for retirees, the unemployed, families, carers, parents, people with disabilities, Indigenous Australians, students aged 16-24, apprentices and people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Centrelink may be able to help you find a payment or service that is suitable for you and your family.

You can visit Centrelink online at: W or you can visit a Services Australia office at 6 William Street, Singleton


Medicare is a national health care program that offers free or reduced cost medical care to Australian and New Zealand citizens as well as some permanent residents of Australia. To see if you are eligible for Medicare please visit the website or a Department of Human Services centre.

For more information please visit Medicare online at: W or visit a Services Australia office at 6 William Street, Singleton

Service NSW

Service NSW can help you access a range of government services. Service NSW can help you apply for a NSW driver’s licence, pay vehicle registration fees, register the birth of a child, apply for a marriage certificate and access many other government services.
Service NSW offers a free website translation service to help you access information in your preferred language, or you can visit a Service Centre in Singleton. 
158 John Street, Singleton

Carers NSW

The Carer Gateway is an Australian Government initiative that supports Carers. Carers NSW is a Carer Gateway provider in the Central Coast, Hunter New England, Mid North Coast & Northern NSW . We provide emotional and practical support to unpaid carers. We consider a carer to be someone who looks after a family member or friend who has a disability, chronic illness, mental health challenge, drug and alcohol dependency, or is frail. The Carer Gateway provides in-person, phone and online services to support carers, including counselling, coaching, respite and financial support
1800 422 737
Suite 1/24 Beaumont Street, Hamilton

National Recovery and Resilience Agency 

Australians are facing more intense and frequent natural disasters. Some have had to deal with different disasters in rapid succession, such as devastating floods or bushfires after years of drought. The Australian Government is committed to ensuring people impacted by natural disasters and drought get the support and advice they need to recover, while also delivering initiatives that reduce the risk and lessen the impact of future such events.
0427 608 913

Department of Communities and Justice

Child Protection and OOHC Services
T 02 6542 3444
Shop 7 The Commercial Centre Market Lane, Muswellbrook

Department of Communities and Justice / Multicultural Policy and Engagement 

Multicultural Policy and Engagement coordinates the Department's policy and engagement with diverse communities. The unit provides leadership and advice to the Department of how to provide appropriate services to Multicultural communities and other diverse communities. They also run legal education workshops that help the community access the Department's services and get a better understanding of those services. They hold Court Open day and Law Expo, they run workshops on DFV and work with religious leaders on upskill their knowledge around DFV, services available and Law in Australia.
T 8688 7450
160 Marsden Street, Parramatta

Defence Member and Family Support

Department of Defence
T 02 4034 6973
Service Connect Symons VC Drive Singleton Military Area