Delivery Program

The Delivery Program is a four year plan to achieve the outcomes of the Community Strategic Plan.

Following each local government election, the new Council develops a Delivery Program to outline the organisational objectives for that term of Council.

These objectives are selected to achieve the aims set out by the residents of Singleton in the Community Strategic Plan. The conversations our community had with Council during the development of the new Community Strategic Plan were vital to outlining the vision for Singleton for the next 10 years, and ensuring the services we provide align with the needs and expectations of our residents.  

The Singleton Council Delivery Program 2017-2021 is an important document, because it drives the medium-term action plan for how our Council is going to turn the Community Strategic Plan into a reality over the next four years, and ultimately set the course for the next 10 years. 

Supporting the Delivery Program is the annual Operation Plan, Capital Works Program and the Fees and Charges.

View the Delivery Program 2022/2026 (encompassing the Operational Plan 2022/2023)