Sustainable cities and communities

Many challenges come about while maintaining our community in a way that continues to create jobs and prosperity, without straining land and resources. However, these challenges can be overcome in ways that allow our community to continue to thrive and grow, while improving resource use and reducing pollution. There needs to be a future where consideration for improvements to our current services, housing, transportation are achieved.

Sustainable Transportation 

In order to start thinking sustainably in our community, we must first explore our community. Given the sparse nature of the Singleton LGA, it is often difficult to find a sustainable means of transport around the LGA. A few options allowing for movement between towns within the LGA include:

  • Cycling: The township of Singleton has 22km of shared pathways / cycleways that are continually being improved through upgrades and linkages. We have maps of our cycle networks that can be picked up from the Singleton Visitor Information Centre at Townhead Park, Singleton.
  • Walking: Every Step Counts is a series of measured and marked walking routes with attractive totem pole and stencil signs at various intervals, identifying distances in steps and metres. These walking tracks are mapped out around Singleton.
  • Buses: Singleton is serviced by Hunter Valley Buses, operating on fixed routes and stop at designated bus stops and assist the train system with transport between the Lower Hunter and Singleton.
  • Trains: Trains are a fast, comfortable and convenient way to travel between many suburban areas and the main centres in Newcastle and across the Lower Hunter. There are two passenger rail lines in the Hunter: the Central Coast and Newcastle Line and the Hunter Line.

Further information on services, timetables, destinations and fares is available from the NSW Transport website and NSW TrainLink, phone T 131 500

A Sustainable Council

Towns within our LGA act as a hub for ideas, commerce, culture, science, productivity, social development and much more. We see our community being on the forefront of enabling people to advance socially and economically, while still caring for the environment.

Council’s role in public transport is primarily one of facilitation through:

  • Inclusive and sustainable urbanisation
  • Advocating for affordable and sustainable Transport Systems and network improvements
  • Protection of our community's heritage
  • Minimise impacts of natural disasters
  • Reduce the environmental impact of the Singleton LGA
  • Increase  green and Public Spaces
  • Strengthen planning

Council aims to support land use and development decisions to ensure that appropriate provision of infrastructure such as shelters and seating, and good walking connections to public transport nodes are available for our community.