Graffiti is the act of marking a structure, building, vehicle, or property (including a tree), or any part of, using spray paint, a marker pen or any implement designed or modified to produce a mark that cannot be easily removed by wiping or by using water or detergent. Its prevention and removal is very costly.

Council is committed to the prevention and removal of graffiti. If you see graffiti on Council property please report it to us on T 02 6578 7290. It is important to report graffiti as quickly as possible, as it's easier to remove it in the first 24 hours from when it occurs. Removing graffiti in the first 24 hours also minimises the chance of it reappearing.

Impacted Facilities

Some of the facilities owned and operated by Council, which may be impacted by graffiti include:

  • Council buildings e.g libraries
  • Parks, playgrounds and facilities e.g. toilet blocks
  • Sporting facilities


Reporting graffiti to Crime Stoppers

You can report graffiti to Crime Stoppers by calling T 1800 333 000 or on Crime Stoppers website.