Alcohol Free Zones

In Singleton, there are restrictions on taking alcohol into or consuming alcohol in some public places. The intention is to prevent anti-social behaviour caused by those under the influence of alcohol, and thereby improve public safety.

Types of Restrictions

  • Alcohol Free Zones (AFZ) prohibit the consumption alcohol on specified roads, footpaths and car parks and apply 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Alcohol Free Zones are intended to prevent street drinking and improve public safety by minimising chances of anti-social behaviour and alcohol-related crime on the streets.


Alcohol Prohibited Areas 

Alcohol Prohibited Areas (APA) prohibit the consumption of alcohol in parks, beaches, reserves and ovals between specified signed hours. However, Alcohol Prohibited Areas may be 24 hour prohibited.

The same penalties apply for both alcohol-free zones and alcohol-prohibited areas.

Alcohol Free Zones

Alcohol Free Zones in Singleton include:

  • The whole area bounded by Queen, Boundary, York, Church, Wynyard, Munro, John (South) streets, Ryan Avenue and John Street
  • Maitland Road, from Boundary Street to Kelso Street
  • The full length of Howe Street
  • The full length of Dunolly Road
  • The full length of Dorsman Drive and Blaxland Avenue from Dorsman Drive to Wakehurst Crescent

Council may suspend an Alcohol Free Zone for a specific event. An application for Suspension of an Alcohol Free Zone must be lodged with Council at least six weeks prior to the proposed event. Forms are available from Council's Customer Service Centre.