Library FAQs


When is the Library open?

Singleton Public Library is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm and Saturday from 9am to 2pm. The Library is closed on Sundays and on public holidays.

Where is the Library located?

The Library is located at 8 – 10 Queen Street, Singleton, New South Wales 2330.

What is the Library’s phone number?

The Library can be contacted on (02) 6578 7500.

Does the Library have EFTPOS facilities?

The Library has EFTPOS facilities and accepts cash.

Are there any books for sale at the Library?

There are a limited number of secondhand and historical books for sale at the Library. We also hold book sales, please keep an eye on the What’s On page for details.

Does the Library have social media accounts?

Yes, Singleton Public Library has a Facebook account and an Instagram account.

Does the Library have a Justice of the Peace (JP) on staff?

The Library has a JP Please call ahead for availability. A JP is generally available at the Council Administration Building.



Is it free to become a member of the library?

Yes, membership is free to everyone who lives in, works in, or visits the Singleton area.

How do I become a member of the library?

There are three ways you can become a member at Singleton Public Library. These are:

  • In person: Come into the Library and one of our friendly staff will be able to sign you up. Bring along proof of your current address.  It only takes approximately 5 minutes.
  • Join online through the Library website: Visit the following link - and complete each step of the online form.
  • Join through the App: Download the Singleton Public Library App, within the app there is a link to Join Online. Select this option and complete each step of the online form.

What does a Singleton Public Library membership offer?

A membership at Singleton Public Library offers a number of benefits, including:

  • The physical loan of books, CDs, DVDs, Audio Books etc
  • Digital collections including eBooks, eAudio Books and eMagazines
  • Access to the Toy Library (see Toy Library FAQs for more information)
  • Access to the Seed Library (see Seed Library FAQs for more information)
  • Loaning of cake tins (see Cake Tin FAQs for more information)
  • Local History Collections both in-house and online, as well as research assistance
  • Gaming stations for use in the Library
  • Access to Wi-Fi and computers free of charge
  • Access to the Home Library Service if required (see Home Library FAQs for more information)
  • Access fee associated library services including printing, scanning, faxing, DVD cleaning etc (see Services FAQs for more information).
  • Access to Library programs, including Childrens Programs and a range of other community programs.

Can my child become a member of the Library?

Yes, children under the age of 16 years can become a member of the Library, however, parents / guardians are responsible for the items issued to their child’s account and for monitoring items being borrowed.

What happens if any of my personal details change (for example, change of address)?

Please inform the Library as soon as possible and a staff member will update your personal details.


Borrowing Terms + Conditions

How many items can I loan at one time?

There is no limit on the amount of loans you can have at any one time for a permanent member. Temporary membership has a loan limit of 3 items at a time.

How long is the borrowing period?

The borrowing period is 3 weeks or 21 days.

Are there any renewals?

There are two auto renewals that occur if the item hasn’t been returned or reserved if an email address has been provided. This is an automatic process, and you will receive a confirmation email.

If you do not have an email linked to your membership then this automatic renewal will not occur, you can extend loans by phone, in person or on the app.

Can I renew items after the two auto renewals?

If there are no reserves on the items you have borrowed, you are able to extend the loan again. You will need to bring the item/s into the Library and renew them with a staff member.

How can I renew my items?

There are three ways that you can renew items:

  • Visit the Library and speak with one of our friendly staff who can renew the item/s for you.
  • Call the Library on (02) 6578 7500 and renew your items over the phone.
  • Renew the items on the Singleton Public Library App. This can be done through the My Account function.

Can I reserve an item?

You can reserve an item that is on loan. There is a fee associated with reserving items. View all current fees and charges here - This fee is not payable until you collect the item.

Can I borrow items from another Library?

Interlibrary loans are possible from other Libraries around Australia. Please speak with staff regarding this. There is a service fee involved.

What should I do if one of the items I have on loan becomes lost, stolen or damaged?

Please contact the Library as soon as possible, either in person or by phone. Depending on the circumstances there may be a replacement cost plus a processing fee. These vary depending on the item/s and circumstances.

What happens when an item/s I have on loan becomes overdue?

You may not be able to borrow any further items until the overdue item/s are returned. There may also be charges involved depending on the circumstances.

How can I find out if an item (book, DVD, CD etc) I am wanting is available to borrow?

There are a number of ways to find out if an item is available to borrow. These include:

  • Asking a staff member to search for the item
  • Looking for the item yourself on the shelf
  • Using one of the search computers around the Library to search for the item
  • Searching from your own computer or device at home using the following link -
  • By using the Singleton Public Library App using the search box at the top of the home screen
  • Calling the Library to ask a staff member to search over the phone

What should I do if a DVD, CD or Audio Book I have borrowed is not working?

Please alert library staff of the problem and provide as much detail as possible as to the error or fault that is occurring. 



Are there any charges associated with printing, photocopying, scanning and faxing at the Library?

Yes, there are charges associated with printing, photocopying, scanning and faxing. View the most up to date list of all fees and charges here -

How can I pay for printing, copying and scanning?

You can add money to your library account at the front desk. The library has both cash and EFTPOS facilities available.

How can I use the printer/copier?

To use the printer / copier you will need to know your barcode number and pin. If you do not know this, please check your App, or ask one of the staff. You will need to use it to sign into the printer / copier.

If you are printing you will need to print from the computer you are on and then go to the printer, sign in and release the print job.

If you are copying or scanning, you will need to go the printer / copier, sign in and then copy or scan the document.

How do I pay for printing, copying and scanning?

You will need to add money to your library account if you would like to print, copy, or scan. You can do this by seeing a library staff member who will look your account up in the system and then add money to it. The Library has both cash and EFTPOS facilities.

How can I find out what my balance is on my library membership?

Ask a staff member and they will be able to look your account up in the system and tell you your current balance. You can also check your balance on the printer/copier by signing in.

What other services are on offer at the library?

Other fee related services include A4 laminating, book covering, DVD cleaning, fax sending, research and 3D printing.

For the full list of fees and charges visit -

Is Wi-Fi and internet access free at the Library?

Wi-Fi and internet access is free for library members. There are a number of computers for use throughout the Library. You will need your barcode number and 4-digit pin to login. If you cannot login, please see a staff member. Anyone can access the Library’s Wi-Fi. To use the Wi-Fi just accept the Terms and Conditions. There is no password.

Does the Library offer assistance with reading and writing?

Yes, the Library can help. Trained tutors are available for free to assist adults with learning to read, spell and write. Call the Library on (02) 6578 7500 to find out more.

Does the Library offer assistance with technology?

The Library offers BYO Technology support which allows members of the community to bring their Kindle, iPad or any other mobile device in along with their questions and staff will assist. This occurs on the first Monday of the month.

Tech Savvy Seniors is also an opportunity for seniors to get assistance with technology. To book in please call the Library on (02) 6578 7500 or visit Eventbrite



How do I download the App?

For Apple users open the App Store and for Android users open Google Play.

Search for “Singleton Library” and look for the app with our logo. Select Install.

What can I do with the App?

The App offers a number of great functions including:

  • Reading lists
  • Self-service – borrow, renew, reserve
  • Scanning ISBN barcodes
  • What’s on
  • Access to eBooks, eAudio and eMagazines
  • Other digital resources
  • Join the Library
  • Access to Toy Library catalogue
  • Stock suggestions
  • Mobile print


How do I login to the App to link it to my library membership?

To be able to manage your loan/s, reservations, and renewals on the App you can go to the My Account function and sign in using your barcode number and four-digit pin. If you do not know your barcode number or pin you can either call or visit the Library and a staff member will be able to provide this information.

Can I use the App to loan items?

The app has a Self-service function which allows you to borrow items by scanning the item barcode.

You can also use the App to produce your barcode for one of our library staff members to scan and complete the loan for you. When you are signed into the App, on the bottom of the main screen it says, “My Barcode”, select this and your barcode will appear ready to scan. 


Toy Library

How does the Toy Library work?

Toys are available for loan just like books at the Library. There is no limit on the number of toys that can be borrowed at any one time and the borrowing period is the same as any other item – 3 weeks with two automatic renewals.

What type of toys are available to borrow and for what age groups?

There are over 500 toys available to loan including puzzles, board games, musical toys, Lego, bikes, train tracks and much more.

You can view the online Toy Library catalogue at the following link -

What should I do if the toy is damaged while I have it on loan?

Staff should be notified on returning the toy if any damage has occurred. as some damage may lead to the toy being unsafe for future use. Damage to toys as a result of inappropriate use will incur a fee of the full price of the item plus a processing fee.

What should I do if pieces / parts of the toy go missing while I have it on loan?

All toys are fitted with an information tag detailing the number of pieces / parts the item contains. If you lose any pieces from your borrowed toy/s please notify library staff. Toys will be checked on return and if there are any pieces missing you may be charged the full price of the item plus a processing fee.

What else should I know before borrowing from the Toy Library?

The Library’s collection includes toys with small pieces that are recommended for use by older children. Please be mindful when selecting toys for smaller children as some pieces may be a choking hazard. Toys are labelled with the recommended age group, as stated by the manufacturer. This is a recommendation only, please use your discretion in choosing appropriate and safe toys.


Seed Library

How does the Seed Library work?

Library members can “borrow” a range of seeds and plant them in their garden. The Library then asks that anyone who borrows seeds return some seeds to us from successful crops. Borrowing and returning seeds helps us to preserve traditional, heritage and locally adapted varieties. It saves money and brings together a community of gardening enthusiasts to share their knowledge. Over time the Library aims to build a collection of seeds that are adapted to the local area. This will allow the Library to contribute to strengthening the community’s biodiversity and conserve food plant diversity.

The Seed Library is offered in partnership with Slow Food Singleton.

Do you need to be a library member to borrow from the Seed Library?

You do need to be a member to access the seeds.

What seeds are on offer?

The seeds include various vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Available varieties change based on donations, visit the Library to see what is currently available.

Are there any limits on how many seeds you can take?

Yes, there are limits on how many seeds you can take at one time. Please see staff. This depends on seed stock levels, as well as other factors.  


Home Library Service

How does the Home Library Service work?

The Home Library Service is available to deliver items to members who are temporarily or permanently housebound.

When are the Home Library Service deliveries made?

The Home Library Service deliveries are made on the last Thursday of every month (excluding December).

Where does the Home Library Service deliver to?

The Home Library Service only delivers to members who live within the Singleton township area. If you would like to check if you location is included, please call the Home Library Officer on (02) 6578 7500 or email

How do I find out more about the Home Library Service?

Visit or call and speak to the Home Library Officer on (02) 6578 7500 or email



Cake Tin Loans

What kind of cake tins and other baking items does the Library have available?

We have 70+ cake tins, inclusive of cookie tins, and biscuit cutters that members can loan.

You can view our online Cake Tin Catalogue at the following link -

What do I need to do before returning the cake tin I have borrowed?

Please give the items you have borrowed a thorough wash and dry before returning them. 



Where can I find out what is on at the Library?

To find upcoming programs at the Library visit the What’s On page at -

Alternatively, keep an eye on the Singleton Public Library Facebook page  or Instagram account for program dates and updates. 

What does the Library have on offer in terms of Childrens Programs?

A summary of the Children’s Programs on offer is available here -

While my child/ren are attending a Childrens Program do I need to stay in the Library?

Children 12 and under must have a responsible adult with them when at the Library. Some programs require parental supervision, assistance or even participation therefore we require you to remain close by.

If bookings are required for a program at the Library, where can I reserve a spot?

Eventbrite is used for programs requiring bookings at Singleton Public Library.

To view the programs and reserve a spot visit -

There is also an Eventbrite App. Visit the App store to download and then search Singleton Public Library for current programs and bookings. 

Does the Library offer School Holiday Programs?

Every school holidays Singleton Public Library hosts a number of activities and workshops for school-aged children. The program changes for each school holidays and the schedule of activities is posted to the Singleton Public Library Facebook page, as well as on the Childrens Programs webpage.

Only limited spaces are available for each activity or workshop therefore bookings are required through the Singleton Public Library Eventbrite page. Bookings fill very quickly for most activities and workshops.

Does the Library offer term-time activities for school aged children?

The Library offers a number of activities each term for school-aged children to participate in. These are generally run from 3.30pm to 5pm at various times throughout the week/month. These book out quickly and bookings can be secured via the Singleton Public Library Eventbrite page.

Does the Library offer any Book Clubs?

The Library has a number of Book Clubs running. To find out when they are held visit the What’s On page.

To find out more about Book Clubs visit -

If you are interested in starting your own Book Club or have a group interested in starting a new Book Club, please call the Library on (02) 6578 7500. The Library has Book Club Kits ready to go!


Digital Library / Resources

What digital resources does the library offer?

The Library offers access to a huge range of eBooks, eAudio, eMagazines, films, music, study databases and literacy programs online for free with your library membership.

A full list of the Library’s digital resources is available at -

Digital resources can also be accessed through the App. 


Technical Issues / Support

What do I do if I don’t know my borrower / barcode number or 4-digit pin?

You can either call or visit the Library and one of our friendly staff will be able to retrieve this information.

What do I do if I cannot log in to a computer or the printer / copier?

Please check that you are using the correct barcode number and pin. If you are unsure and require assistance, please ask one of the library staff.

What should you do if you cannot log in to the Singleton Library App or a digital collection such as BorrowBox?

Your library membership may have expired. Please either call or visit the Library and a staff member will be able to renew your membership which will then allow you to login and access the digital resources on offer.

Can I use the Library’s access to from home?

You can only access when using a computer within the Library or by using the Library’s Wi-Fi. 


Local History

What does the Library have on offer in terms of local history?

Singleton Public Library provides access to a range of resources to aid your local history research, both in-house and online.

For further information visit - or call (02) 6578 7500.

Can I borrow items located in the Local History Room?

Items in the Local History Room are not available for loan. They can be used in the Library.

Can I make a donation to the Library’s Local History collection?

If you would like to enquire about making a donation please complete our Donations Form.


Room Hire

What rooms does the Library have on offer to hire?

The Singleton Library has three rooms available to hire. These are:

  • The Interview Room
  • The Meeting Room
  • The Training Room

How many people can these rooms hold?

The Interview Room has capacity for up to 12 people.

The Meeting Room has capacity for up to 30 people across 6 tables.

The Training Room can seat up to 10 people at computers with a projector.

Are there costs involved with hiring a room at the Library?

Yes, each room has a separate hourly rate. The cost also varies if the organisation booking the room is not-for-profit (as per the ATO definition).

Are there any additional room hire inclusions?

Use of the room’s facilities and equipment, tea, coffee, and water are also included in the hire of the room.

Is there catering available?

Singleton Council (and associated venues) do not offer on-site catering. The hirer is responsible for organising any catering that they wish to provide.

Are there an optional room hire additions and what are the associated costs?

There is access to a Kitchenette in the Library foyer and a pack down/clean up service available.

These services incur additional fees which can be viewed here -

How can I submit a booking request?

To submit a booking request visit the Singleton Council Online Services Portal, you will need to create and account and login.

Where can I find a summary of all rooms available for hire through Singleton Council?

All information regarding room hire at Singleton Council can be found at the following link -


Stock Suggestions

If the Library does not have the book, DVD, CD or Audiobook I am looking for can I suggest that it is stocked?

Yes, you can make stock suggestions by completing the form at the following link -