Pest Animals

Under the NSW Biosecurity Act 2015, pest animals are not defined by species. That is, pest species can be considered as any species (other than native species) that present a biosecurity threat. 

The Hunter Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plan 2018 – 2023 prioritises pest animals for the Hunter region based on the level of risk and feasibility of control, 13 species are identified as potential plan priorities and 11 as alert species.

Five pest management categories and corresponding objectives have been applied to each of these pest animal species and include:

  • Prevention/Alert – To prevent the pest animal species arriving and establishing in the Region causing adverse impacts on the environment, society and the economy.
  • Eradication - To permanently remove the species from the State or Region and to develop actions to prevent its re-establishment.
  • Containment - To prevent the spread of the pest animal species onto other parts of the State or Region.
  • Asset Protection - To reduce the impact of widespread pest animals on key assets with high economic, environmental and social value.
  • Limited Action - Applies only to species that have a low to negligible risk in the region or for which further investigation is required on effective control techniques and strategies for management.

Who is responsible for pest animals?

Pest animals in the Hunter region are regulated under the NSW Biosecurity Act 2015. The overall strategic direction for managing pest animals in the region is detailed in the Hunter Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plan 2018 – 2023. 

Under the new Biosecurity Act 2015 framework, biosecurity is a shared responsibility where Government, industry and the people of NSW work together to protect the economy, environment and community from the impacts of pest animals. Public, private and aboriginal land managers all have a shared and equal responsibility to eliminate and minimise biosecurity risks across land in NSW.

Who do I contact?

Organisation Phone
For pest animal control advice Hunter Local Land Service 1300 795 299
Report pest animals on Council land Singleton Council 02 6578 7290
Other invasive animal enquiries or to report declared pest animals Hunter Local Land Service 1300 795 299
Report unusual animal sightings Department of Primary Industries 1800 680 244
Stray Cats and Dogs Singleton Council 02 6578 7290
Insect and Rodent pests For insect pests please contact a local pest management contractor*
Bees on Council land posing a threat to safety Singleton Council 02 6578 7290
Bees on Private land Amateur Beekeeper Association NSW* Find a Beekeeper

* Singleton Council takes no liabilities for works carried out by other parties