Putty Road


Putty Road a major sealed road that runs for approximately 170km, passing through the area of Putty for which it is named. The route is a favourite for many riders who enjoy the great blend of high-speed open road with sweeping bends, and several areas of tighter smooth corners where you can hone your cornering skills.

From the outskirts of Sydney to the Hunter Valley, Putty Road features every type of corner, as well as some long, scenic straights. This famous motorcycling road has much to recommend it, including some epic corners at both ends of the run, great scenery across the valleys and hills of the lower Hunter, and its close proximity to Sydney.

Exploring the picturesque Putty Road is a task best achieved on two wheels. Bend, push and twist to your heart’s content on this famed motorcycling route.


Be aware that a lot of trucks use this road - and don't miss the Grey Gum Cafe in Putty or the Bulga Tavern to stop, refresh and grab a great feed. Remember to take regular breaks when riding.


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