Temporary Food Businesses

A temporary event is any occasion which is not permanent and where food is sold to consumers. Examples include fairs, festivals, markets and shows.

All temporary food stalls will need to comply with the requirements of guidelines for food businesses at temporary events by the NSW Food Authority. The guideline advises of legal obligations, basic construction requirements and suggest ways on to maintain food safety at the event.

Temporary food stalls need to comply with the Food Act 2003Food Regulation 2015Food Standards Code, including the Food Safety Standards 3.2.2 and 3.2.3. The food business may be required to train and appoint a food safety supervisor.

To operate at special events, you will be required to gain approval from the event organiser who is responsible for ensuring that the event has appropriate approvals from Council for the event. Council adopts a risk based approach when inspecting food businesses at temporary events and determine which businesses and events to inspect. The risk factors considered are:

  • Number of food businesses trading at the event
  • Type of food being sold at the event (potentially hazardous vs non potentially hazardous)
  • Estimated number of visitors to the event
  • Duration of the event
  • Any complaints against food businesses trading at the event
  • Compliance history of the event
  • Access to facilities and services such as potable water, sewer etc.

Council requests that event organisers provide Council a list of food stalls at their event at least seven days prior to the start of the event to assist in determining risk factors via the Special Events – Food Business Notification Form. To assist event organisers to provide information to Council, temporary food stall operators should provide them a copy of their FSS and last inspection report.

Fees for inspections are charged to the event organiser at an hourly rate.

Food used in food stalls must only be prepared in a commercial kitchen, food stall designed in accordance with Guidelines for food businesses at temporary events or in a home in accordance with Manufacturing Food From Home.