Food Premises Design

Whether you want to upgrade or renovate an existing food premises or construct and fit out a new food premises the first step is to speak with Council’s Duty Planning Officer on T 02 6578 7290 (available 8.30am to 12.00pm, Monday to Friday at Council's Administration Building) to find out if you require a development application.

Design Compliance

Food premises are required to obtain relevant planning approvals and liquid trade waste approvals from Council. New food premises or alterations to an existing food premises need to comply with the Food Safety Standard 3.2.3 - Food Premises and Equipment and Australian Standard AS 4674-2004 - Design, Construction & Fitout of Food Premises.

Australian Standard AS 4674-2004 contains guideline criteria for construction & fit out of new or altered or renovated food premises in the food services, retail & small scale manufacturers.

Design, construction and fit out guide

The Food premises: design, construction and fit-out guide is for businesses involved in the design, construction and fit-out of fixed and mobile premises ( it does not provide criteria for temporary food premises such as market stalls). It aims to provide guidance to operators, architects, designers, builders, equipment manufacturers and other professionals associated with design and construction of food premises.

It is based on the Food Safety Standard 3.2.3 and the Australian Standard 4674-2004 and aims to provide users with minimum requirements and best-practice options to assist in producing food that is safe to eat and free from contaminates.