Singleton Animal Management Facility

Council operates an impounding facility for stray pets. When animals, including dogs and cats, are seized by Council and cannot be immediately reunited with their owners, they are transported to the facility and looked after until an owner can be contacted.

Council is committed to the welfare of all animals while at the facility and has a very dedicated team of rangers tending to the animals seven days a week to ensure they have adequate bedding, food and care. In addition, Council works only with Animal Rescue Groups and rehoming organisations registered under the Companion Animals Act to ensure its duty of care to the animals that they are going to good homes.

Council’s ultimate aim is to reunite animals with their owners. Council detains animals for the shortest period of time possible and works quickly to try to find the owners of animals in our care using a range of channels, including microchipping records and posts on Council’s Facebook page to reach as many people as possible.


The facility is available Monday to Friday by appointment only between the hours of 8.30am - 4pm and is closed on weekends and public hoildays.


If your pet has been impounded, here are some important points you should be aware of:

  • Your pet can be released from the facility upon presentation of appropriate ID and proof that you are the owner.
  • Your dog or cat cannot be released unless it has been microchipped and registered (staff can do this for you).
  • Companion animals, by law, are only kept at the refuge for the statutory period (7 days for an unidentified animal,14 days for an identified animal). After this time, animals may be claimed by rescue groups or euthanised at the Council’s discretion.
  • There are some fees applicable that need to be paid prior to the animal’s release. These fees increase on a daily basis so you should act quickly.

To find out the Impounding Fees, please visit our Fees and Charges page. Pets currently impounded can be found on the Singleton Council Facebook page.


In accordance with the NSW Companion Animals Act 1998, if you find a lost/stray animal you are required to deliver it to a Council shelter, pound or vet within 72 hours.

The owner may be looking for the animal and therefore Council needs to check the microchip and contact the owner. Owners frequently call Council looking for their lost pet and might not see a post on social media that someone other than Council is holding their pet. Local vets can also check for a microchip and contact the owner or, if not microchipped, they will contact Council for collection.

The penalty for not delivering a lost/stray dog to the owner, Council facility or an approved premises is $660.00.

If you do find a lost or stray dog, please do the right thing and contact Council on T 02 6578 7290


Yes.  If you are looking at surrendering your pet please contact our friendly Rangers who will be happy to discuss all the options with you.


Council closely monitors the wellbeing of the animals at the Animal Management Facility in high temperatures. Sprinklers are on a 10-minute timer for the comfort of dogs at the facility. Shade cloth blinds provide weather protection on the open eastern side for animals at the facility.