Youth Venue Programs

Targeted Early Intervention

Singleton Youth Venue provides youth and family support services to young people aged 12 to 17 years and/or their families. The aim of these services are to reduce the risk of young people entering, or remaining, in the Child Protection and Out-Of-Home Care systems.

The Targeted Early Intervention (TEI) program funds several aspects of our service including:

  • Advice and referral;
  • Case management (assessment and case planning);
  • Client focused case work;
  • Counselling;
  • Skills focused groups and/or training for youth; and
  • The TEI program delivered by Singleton Youth Venue staff is strengths focused, and is designed to provide information, instil confidence and build resilience.

All aspects of this service can be delivered to a young person or group, and are conducted at the Youth Venue or an alternative venue as agreed.


Singleton Youth Venue staff are trained in a variety of programs which can be provided either at the Youth Venue or via outreach. These include:

  • Rhythm2Recovery

    Rhythm2Recovery delivers therapeutic programs and professional development that utilise fun and engaging rhythmic musical activities to support social and emotional development.
    This approach has been shown to support increased emotional regulation, improved social connection and reduced levels of anxiety and other elements of psychological distress.
  • Love Bites

    Love Bites is a respectful relationships education program that focuses on the development of respectful relationships and violence prevention for 15 to 17 year olds.
    By educating and informing young people about the differences between a respectful and non-respectful relationship, this program aims to reduce the incidence of relationship violence within the community, both in domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • I-Respect

    I-Respect aims to educate and encourage males in school years 7 - 12, to examine their attitudes and beliefs around masculinity. It assists in raising awareness around gender stereotyping, violence and abuse. The program supports young males to understand how to form respectful and healthy relationships with females and with each other.
  • Rock and Water

    The Rock and Water-program is aimed at raising self-awareness of personal strengths and abilities and at learning how to play, work and live together with others in a changing, multicultural society. The program is designed to promote resilience, practical anti-bullying strategies, alternatives to aggression (both verbal and physical), responses to fear and doubt, thinking of being in control through grounding, centredness and mental focus, self-respect, self-control and self-confidence through hands on learning and exercises.