What We Do

Council on average provides more than ten thousand litres of water and collects and treats over two and a half thousand litres of wastewater from homes and businesses across Singleton a day!

Council owns and maintains a significant underground network of water and sewer mains. The infrastructure delivers to most urban towns and villages and collects then treats sewage from a large portion of those homes and businesses. Council’s water and sewer network and assets include:

  • 1 Sewage Treatment Plant
  • 1 Water Treatment Plant
  • 25 kilometres Water Trunk Main (Raw)
  • 74.7 kilometres Water Transfer Main
  • 172.78 kilometres Water Reticulation Mains
  • 126 kilometres Sewer Reticulation Mains
  • 26 kilometres Sewer Rising (Pressure) Mains
  • 15 Sewer Pump Stations
  • 9 Water Pump Stations
  • 12 Water Reservoirs
  • 200 Pressure Sewer Systems
  • 4 Sewer Backup Generators
  • 17 Remote Telemetry Systems

Our service commitment

Council is committed to providing a high level of customer service and standards across the organisation.  The mission of Council’s Water and Sewer Group is;

To provide high quality water supply complying with the recognised drinking water standards to residents, businesses’ and visitors and to collect, treat and manage sewage in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Our strategic decisions and day to day activities in achieving our mission will be guided by our following values;

  • Our Customers – effectively anticipate and response to customer needs
  • Our Environment – maintain the sustainability of the Singleton catchment
  • Our People – establish and maintain productive and valued staff
  • Our Assets – apply best practice in operating and maintaining our assets
  • Our Finances – maintain Council’s Local Water Utility as a competitive and financially responsible and accountable entity
  • Our Sustainability – manage the business to be commercially successful in the long term
  • Our Accountability – demonstrate accountability to all stakeholders

As part of this commitment and to continually measure the services being provided, Council has clearly articulated its responsibilities in the Customer Service Plan - Water and Sewer Group, which is updated regularly. The document also sets out our responsibilities with the community in accordance with legislative framework.

Our People

Council have a dedicated and enthusiastic team of people, both in the offices and out in the field, that keep your water running day and night, rain or shine, 24 hours a day seven days a week.  Without the efforts of these teams, it would not be possible to delivery and maintain the high quality water and sewer services, or meet the levels of service agreed to by our customers and clients. 

Our teams are:

  • Manager - Responsible for the overall strategic and financial management of the water and sewer schemes
  • Utilities Engineering - responsible for planning and implementing capital works projects; supporting community growth, improved levels of service and meeting customer expectations
  • Water and Sewer Delivery - responsible for the provision of maintenance, operations and construction for all water and sewer facilities, as well as the treatment of water and waste water
  • Strategy and Compliance – responsible for compliance with our extensive legislative framework, including regulatory reporting requirements and ensuring our business practices are sustainable and meet the needs of all stakeholders

Customer Service Plan

The Customer Service Plan - Water and Sewer Group has been developed to provide a valuable and easy to interpret source of information for Council employees and its customers and ratepayers.

It clearly explains the responsibilities of Council's Water and Sewer business in providing essential functions in a sustainable and efficient way and the minimum levels of service customers can expect from Councils Water and Sewer business are detailed in the appendices.

In addition, the roles and responsibilities of Council’s water and sewer customers and property owners have been explained.