Heavy Vehicles

If you own a Restricted Access Vehicles (RAV) and want to request access outside of the Restricted Access Vehicle network (RAV network) then you will need to apply to Council.

Classes of Heavy Vehicles

Examples of the different types of heavy vehicle in each class include:

  • Class 1 heavy vehicles - Special purpose vehicles, Agricultural vehicles, Oversize and Over Mass vehicles
  • Class 2 heavy vehicles - Freight carrying vehicles (B-doubles, B-triples, Road Trains), Buses, Vehicle carriers, Livestock vehicles, Performance Based Standards (PBS) vehicles.
  • Class 3 heavy vehicles - Vehicles which, together with their load, do not comply with prescribed mass or dimension requirements.

Travel in NSW only

For Class 1 and 3 vehicles seeking a permit for travel within NSW only:

  • For travel on local roads you need to seek the approval from council
  • For travel on state roads, you need to apply directly to Roads and Maritime Services

Interstate travel

  • For Class 1 and 3 vehicles seeking a permit for travel between NSW and another state you will need to seek a permit directly from the NHVR
  • All Class 2 vehicle permits are issued by the NHVR. Applications will need to be made directly to NHVR

How to apply for a permit

To apply for an OSOM permit for roads within the Singleton local government area, you must fully complete the Oversize Overmass Permit request form. A fee is payable for the processing of the application and must be paid prior to a permit being issued. Lodgement of an application is not a guarantee that a permit will be issued. Once completed the form should be submitted via email to Singleton CouncilPlease allow 10 working days to process your application. If you are also applying to Roads and Maritime Services to travel on state roads as part of the same trip, a copy of this permit must be included with your application.