Mount Royal National Park

Mount Royal National Park - couple bushwalking at lookout

Mount Royal National Park is a World Heritage-listed park and adjoins Barrington Tops National Park. It is 60 minutes’ drive from Singleton and takes you past the picturesque Lake St Clair - one of the best inland fishing hotspots in the region.

At Mount Royal, you can enjoy a day’s drive, stopping at various picnic points or better still, pack up the kids and the camping gear and spend a night or two enjoying this rustic, bushland environment at Youngville (picnic area with bush camping) and explore the park by car or foot.

Youngville Picnic Area

Mount Royal National Park conserves 7,150  hectares adjoining the south-western edge of Barrington Tops National Park. It was gazetted in January 1997 to protect a unique wilderness that is home to many rare and threatened species of fauna. With its cool temperature and high altitude weather patterns, it's a tranquil and scenic area to enjoy. 

The Mount Royal Road to Youngville picnic area is a gravel road suitable for two wheel drive vehicles. All roads into the park are unsealed and visitors are advised to check conditions following rain, which can make the roads muddy and rough. Taking caravans into the park is not possible. Camping is permitted next to the picnic area.

Please note there are no marked camping sites. This is a remote bush camping site, so please make sure you arrive well-prepared.


Refer to the Youngville Campground fact sheet for price details.


  • BBQ
  • Sheltered tables
  • Toilets

Operated by

NSW National Parks Bulga office
Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 4pm
T 02 6574 5555
2156 Putty Road, Bulga NSW 2330

Eco Tourism

Eco tourism accommodation, an ideal getaway for families, friends and small groups, are also available near Mount Royal National Park at Callicoma eco-cabins.