Sedgefield Structure Plan

The Sedgefield Structure Plan  (SSP 2009) was prepared by HDB Town Planning and Design on behalf of Singleton Council. It was adopted by Council in 2009, and endorsed by the (then) New South Wales Department of Planning.  The Structure Plan takes into consideration the economic, social, aesthetic, environmental and planning factors in the master planning of the area, and considers alternative means for the amelioration of any matters that may be identified as being potential restrictions to the future rural residential development of the area.

The main objectives of the Structure Plan were to identify the extent and capability of the site and develop the land within it potential, to identify legal requirements for the development of the site which may affect the wider region, and to investigate and describe significant constraints in terms of social, economic and environmental issues, and achieve the desired outcomes of a development that is ecologically sustainable.

The SSP 2009 is structured into five chapters being:

  1. Introduction
  2. Background to Study Area
  3. Location of Study Area
  4. Key Opportunities and Constraints
  5. The Structure Plan

Planning proposals to amend Local Environmental Plans within the Sedgefield Candidate Area, as identified by the SLUS 2008, are required to demonstrate consistency with the SLUS 2008 under the requirements of the NSW DP&E Guidelines for Preparing Planning Proposals.