Bulga Master Plan

The Bulga Master Plan (BMP) was prepared by Peter Andrews and Associates Pty Ltd on behalf of Singleton Council. The BMP was adopted by Singleton Council on the 18 December 2017.

The vision for the BMP is that ‘Bulga will have a secure and sustainable community that enjoys a clean and quiet bush ambience, as a result of the commitment and desire of its resident and community groups and working relationship with Council.’ The BMP is the result of substantial community consultation and contextual analysis.

The BMP discusses that the village of Bulga is a ‘Deferred Matter’ and discusses options for the future zoning of the site. It became a deferred matter due to issues surrounding the expansion of the nearby Mount Thorley-Warkworth mine and an acknowledgement that further community consultation was required once the mine expansion project was determined by the (then) Department of Planning and Infrastructure. Bulga is zoned 1(d) Rural Small Holdings under the Singleton Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 1996 and identified as a deferred matter under the Singleton LEP 2013.

The BMP includes options for zoning and recommended that the entire site be zoned RU2 Rural Landscape, and proposed a minimum lot size of 4ha in accordance with the Singleton Land Use Strategy 2008 (SLUS 2008).

The BMP also identifies public domain improvements to enhance the village’s sustainability, improve amenity, promote its attractiveness and sustain ongoing visitation and livability. The BMP will assist in the development of further precinct planning work associated with the Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement.