Community Participation Plan for Development Approvals and Plans

The Singleton Community Participation Plan – For Development Approvals and Plans for Growth and Change (CPP) took effect on the 25 November 2019 and replaced the consultation provisions that were contained in the Singleton Development Control Plan 2014.

Community Participation Plans (CPPs) are prepared under Section 2.23 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979  (EP&A Act 1979) and explain how and when a planning authority (such as Singleton Council) will engage and consult with the community when exercising its planning functions under the EP&A Act 1979.

The CPP is of particular relevance to the following matters:

  • Local Strategic Planning Statement preparation and amendment
  • Local Environmental Plan preparation and amendment
  • Development Control Plan preparation and amendment
  • Local Contribution Plan preparation and amendment
  • Preparation and amendment of other land use and development plans
  • Processing of Development Applications
  • Processing of applications to modify development consent