Principal Certifier

When undertaking Building and/or subdivision works you will require a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA), to inspect the work during the course of construction to ensure it meets with regulatory requirements.

A Principal Certifier must be engaged, by contract, by the person having benefit of the Development Consent, to undertake the following works.

The functions of Principal Certifier for a development are to:

  • Determine an application for a Compliance Certificate
  • Determine an application for an Occupation Certificate
  • Determine an application for, and issue of, a Subdivision Certificate
  • Carry out of inspection under section 22 of the Swimming Pools Act 1992 and issuing Certificates of Compliance under that Act.

The Principal Certifier is responsible for the following:

  • Undertaking critical stage inspections of building work in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021
  • Administering the conditions of Development Consent
  • Promptly advising the applicant after any relevant inspection of any outstanding work
  • Issuing the applicant with an Occupation Certificate for any building or change of use when the relevant applicant has been lodged.
  • Receiving and investigating any complaints from the public concerning the development
  • Council can fulfill the role of Principal Certifier as can many registered Private Certifiers

To appoint Council as the Principal Certifier the applicant must apply on the NSW Planning Portal and upload a signed copy of the Appointment of Singleton Council as a Principal Certifier Form which will be returned signed by Council with approval documents. The Appointment/Contract engaging the Principal Certifier must be received by Council prior to the commencement of any work.

Why choose Singleton Council as your Principal Certifier? 

  • Our certifiers are registered under the Building and Development Certifiers Act 2018 and are subject to the requirements of the current building certification legislation
  • Singleton Council certifiers have access to a diverse range of property information and application history that can assist applicants when lodging a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate
  • Council employs certifiers with a broad range of experience to cover all building projects and has “unrestricted” Building Certifiers who can certify all projects
  • Our certifiers work closely with development assessment staff and Subdivision Engineers. This working relationship is invaluable when working through building construction issues
  • Our certifiers will ensure that minimum building standards and Development Consent requirements are satisfied
  • Our certifiers provide an efficient and cost effective service
  • Our certifiers are local and will always be available for our community


  • Inspections will only be undertaken on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  •  A maximum of four (4) inspections will be booked per day
  •  Inspections beyond 6798 Putty Road – also known as the Halfway House – will be completed on Tuesdays only
  •  Where there are bookings for the area beyond 6798 Putty Road on a Tuesday, no other inspections will be booked on that day
  •  Where there are bookings for other areas on a Tuesday, no inspections beyond 6798 Putty Road will be booked
  •  Inspections beyond 1719 Carrowbrook Road – known as the Lake St Clair Camping Area – will be completed on Wednesdays only

Further Information

For further information about the building approval process and choosing a Principal Certifier,  please refer to the NSW Office of Fair Trading website.