Roads and water projects dominate Singleton Council's last meeting

Published on 03 November 2021

More than $4.5 million in tenders have been awarded to deliver significant road and water infrastructure projects in Singleton Council’s penultimate meeting for the current term on Monday.

The Minimbah Reservoir upgrade accounted for the lion’s share of a total of $4,548,773 in tenders awarded by Councillors for four projects, which included:

  • Minimbah Reservoir upgrade: $1,712,883
  • Watermain renewal program: $982,415
  • Goorangoola Causeway: $983,475
  • Replacement of Gibbs Bridge: $870,000

Council also resolved to proceed with land acquisitions for the Goorangoola Causeway and the Putty Valley Road realignment at the meeting.

Justin Fitzpatrick-Barr, Council’s Director Infrastructure and Planning said it was a significant investment in local infrastructure that would have a tangible impact on the day-to-day lives of people in the community.

The Goorangoola Causeway is funded under the NSW Government’s Drought Stimulus Package, while the Gibbs Bridge replacement is a 50:50 split between the Federal Government’s Bridge Renewal Program and NSW Government’s Fixing Country Bridges Program.

“Although comparatively it’s the cheapest of the four projects, the Gibbs Bridge replacement will have a significant impact on the emergency response and safety for local residents,” Mr Fitzpatrick-Barr said.

“The project involves replacing the current old, narrow timber bridge with a single lane concrete bridge on Putty Valley Road, which is a vital route for fire tankers in times of emergency.

“The Goorangoola Causeway will also improve road safety for the large number of vehicles that use that route with a wider road and improved alignment for motorists.”

Council will enter into loan borrowings to fund both water projects.

Mr Fitzpatrick-Barr said the works continued Council’s emphasis on upgrading and renewing water and sewer infrastructure to raise the standard of service now and for future population growth.

“The original concrete Minimbah Reservoir was decommissioned in 2015. Since then, the area has been serviced by two temporary tanks. This new reservoir will be a permanent replacement and will meet increased water requirements from expected growth in the area,” he said.

“In addition, the new reservoir has been designed with increased capacity for firefighting requirements, so there’ll be more water in reserve in the event of a fire before the Dulcamah Pump Station has to kick in and supply water. This is bringing the water supply up to industry standard.”

The watermain renewal program has been ongoing for two years, and the latest tender will see replacement of four mains in the network at Albert Street, Argyle Street, Percy Street and Minimbah Drive.

“Albert, Argyle and Percy streets are causing issues for our network team with continual lines breaks,” Mr Fitzpatrick-Barr said.

“The Minimbah Drive main has a 100mm pipe, which needs to be upgraded to 150mm to provide the required flow rates and pressures for firefighting services on Minimbah Drive, in conjunction with the Minimbah Reservoir Upgrade.

“Construction is scheduled to begin in January, with completion in April.”