Hot, wet weather conditions grow more demand for parks resources

Published on 05 March 2021

Plenty of rain and sunshine have sparked a grass growing frenzy right across the region, and Justin Fitzpatrick-Barr said it was no surprise Singleton residents were noticing longer-than-usual conditions in their favourite local park.

Singleton Council’s Director Infrastructure and Planning said outdoor crews were run off their feet by the rate of growth across all parks and open space areas in the attempt to keep the local government area maintained to the same high standards.

But while Council’s parks team were sticking fast to the maintenance schedule for outdoor spaces, climatic conditions were simply outpacing resources.

Council had looked into engaging additional contractors, however the weather conditions had also impacted the demand for labour.

“Significant rainfall and plenty of sun in the past few weeks has ramped up grass growth across our LGA, and our parks team is working as hard as possible to tackle our public spaces to keep on top of it as best we can,” Mr Fitzpatrick-Barr said.

“Council has a mowing schedule and all of our parks and sports fields are on it. Our crews are keeping busy working through the schedule so we don’t miss any areas and keep our LGA looking its best, but the weather conditions mean that in some areas, the grass is growing faster than we can get to it.

“We know our residents have noticed the longer-than-usual grass in their favourite park or recreation space, and it’s great that people are letting us know.

“But we want to assure everyone that we know all of our parks and open spaces are looking a little overgrown at the moment, and we’re on the job working as hard as we can and sticking tight to our schedule so that nowhere is overlooked.”

Mr Fitzpatrick-Barr said ideal growing conditions had been evident since the start of the new year.

“I hope the change in season this week will also bring a change in these climatic conditions that have kept our parks team busy for the first eight weeks of 2021,” he said.

“Every member of our team takes a lot of pride in the work they do, and in the appearance of our parks and open space areas. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding while we work as hard as we can to keep on top of the job in these conditions.”