Damaged Water Meter

If a water meter has been damaged, maliciously, unintentionally or by natural elements, the customer must notify Council.  Council will arrange for the repair or replacement of the meter.

Corroded Galvanised Pipes

Many older dwellings in the Singleton Water Supply Area have galvanised internal water pipes.  These pipes rust over time and can lead to dirty water, concealed water leaks and corroded or worn pipes connecting to the water meter.  If it is suspected the property has galvanised pipes, a licensed plumber will need to be contacted to have the service repaired / replaced with copper pipes.

Concealed Water Leak

Water leaking from plumbing on the property that is hidden from view, generally underground or not able to be located by visual inspection is considered a concealed water leak.  If a concealed leak is suspected, a licensed plumber will need to be contacted to have the leak located and repaired.  Council offers some assistance for high water usage charges because of a concealed water leak. 

Water Theft

Water theft is any attempt to obtain water with the intent of avoiding paying for the water used.  This includes the wilfully damaging or removal, or fraudulently altering the index or preventing a meter from registering the quantity of water supplied. Tampering with a water meter is an offence and poses serious health and safety hazards not just to offenders but to the rest of the community. 

Any connection to Councils water supply systems, not authorised by or made by Council is considered an illegal connection and Council will investigate all reported or suspected instances of water theft.

Find out more in the Tampering and Water Theft section of Council’s Water Supply Services Policy