Sewer Blockages

Sewer Blockages

Everything you put into the sewer has to be managed at some point by Council or your local plumber. Many substances can stick to or become caught in the sewer pipes and the system.  

Find out more about sewer blockages and what you can do here

Sewer pipes and trees

Plant roots supply the plant with the food and water it needs to survive, and sewer pipes, either on your property or the sewer mains make a perfect meal.  Root damage to sewer lines leads to clogged, overflowing or slow flowing drains.  Root damage can also let stormwater into the pipes. During heavy rain, this extra water can overload the sewerage system causing it to overflow into our waterways and pollute the environment. If the problem occurs in the property sewer it is the owners responsibility to have it fixed. 

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Think before you flush

Our sewer system is designed to treat degradable sewage so what you do and don't flush down the toilet, drain or sink can make a big difference. The wrong type of items can block your drains, overload and damage the wastewater system or create environmental damage. 

To help ensure our sewer system works properly, you can find some examples of what can and can't go down your sink, drain or toilet here

Reporting Sewer Emergency Faults 

Other emergency faults include:

  • sewer overflows or suspected blockages
  • sewer issues causing harm or property damage
  • security concerns about our assets and infrastructure (vandalism to a pump station)

Call Council immediately on 02 6578 7290.