Water Meter Services

Business customers, non-strata and non-residential properties are charged availability for water and sewerage based on the size of the water meter service connection.  The type of development or activity on the property will determine what size water service connection will be required.  The information provided here is for business customers who want to downsize, disconnect or determine nominal size of a water meter service connection due to fire services, low water pressure flows or to minimise charges.

Downsizing your water service

The availability charges as shown on your Water Account for water and sewerage is based on the size of a customer’s water meter service. Your business may not have a need for greater volumes or pressure of water provided by a larger than normal 20mm meter service connection. If you wish to downsize your water service complete and submit an Application to Downsize, Upsize, Disconnect or Nominal Sizing of your Water Meter Service.

By reducing the size of the water meter you may experience a decrease in the flow rate as well as a reduction in water pressure.

If a meter has been installed on a property to service firefighting systems your application must be accompanied by a Hydraulic Engineer’s report indicating that the physical downsize of the water meter service will not be detrimental to the water flow or pressure required at the premises.

The Hydraulic Engineer’s report must provide a recommendation of the size for the replacement as well as:

  • Plans of the premises indicating essential services eg fire
  • Confirmation that the recommended downsize demonstrates compliance with the relevant building codes of Australia (eg. BCA, NSW Plumbing & Drainage, NSW Fire Brigade requirements)
  • A pressure certificate if required
  • Comment about the effect of a backflow prevention device if installed

Applications must be signed by the owner of the property. Where applications involve non-residential strata units, the application is to be signed by the Secretary of the Body Corporate.

The cost to physically downsize water meter service connections will be the responsibility of the property owner and must be paid before any works are commenced. Council will provide an estimated cost prior to work commencing. The estimated cost may alter during works due to unforeseen circumstances, in which case a refund will be made or further billing invoiced.

Disconnection of a water service

Properties with multiple water service connections may wish to reduce the number of connections to reduce the number of availability charges which apply to your property. The disconnection of multiple water connections on a property will only be undertaken by Council upon receipt of an application and there will be no charge to this service. Re-plumbing of internal lines will become the responsibility and expense of the property owner.

Should the disconnection of a Water Meter Service occur please note a re-connection will be charged at full installation of a new meter.

Please note that unless approved in writing by Council it is an offence under the Local Government Act (LGA) to tamper with any metered service or fittings owned and operated by Council. The LGA 1993 (as amended) stipulates that penalties apply in cases where an offence has taken place in relation to Council's property and assets (refer to Part 3, Chapter 16 - Offences of the LGA).