Certificate of Compliance

Council is a Local Water Utility under the Water Management Act 2000 (NSW) and is responsible for ensuring any impacts on Council's water and sewer infrastructure are identified and either controlled or eliminated.

If a development is proposed in the Singleton local government area and the result has implications of the water and/or sewerage systems, Council's Water and Sewer Group will assess the application in accordance with the requirements of Section 305, 306 and 307 of the Water Management Act 2000 (NSW) and associated regulations.

Council will issue a Section 306 Notification of Requirements outlining the charges and/or works that the developer must pay and/or construct for the development. When all contributions/fees are paid and the works complete and passed by council, then the Section 307 Certificate of Compliance will be issued.

What is a Section 306 Notification?

The Section 306 Notification of Requirements outlines the conditions the developer must complete in order to secure a Certificate of Compliance prior to obtaining an occupation certificate or subdivision certificate as applicable.

The notice is divided into three sections:

  • Application details showing the development proposal, applicant information and the location of the proposed development;
  • The conditions imposed on the development. This is further split into different parts (examples include but are not limited to):
    • Prior to Demolition Works
    • Prior to the Issue of a Construction Certificate
    • Prior to Commencement of Works
    • During Construction Works
    • Prior to Issue of Occupation Certificate
    • Prior to the Granting of a Certificate of Compliance
  • Advice to applicant and formal declaration of completion of all conditions and submission of all necessary documentation for the granting of a Certificate of Compliance.

When do I need a Certificate of Compliance?

Examples of development where this process is applicable include, but are not limited too, those that:

  • increases to the load on the existing water and/or sewer supply system 
  • requires extension of the existing systems or upgrades to existing infrastructures, such as dual or multi occupancy
  • change the use of the land and existing structures, and/or
  • subdivide land. 

The Water and Sewer Building Plan Assessment process or internal referral process, if the Application for Development Approval is lodge with Council, will determine if a Section 305 Application for a Section 307 Certificate of Compliance is required for your development. A Water and Sewer Building Plan Assessment Application can be lodged at anytime prior to or during the planning phase of your development. 

How do I apply for a Certificate of Compliance?

An application for a Certificate of Compliance in relation to water supply and/or sewerage matters can be applied for at anytime during the development process.  However, if a Notice of Requirement is issued and the development changes or plans are revised a modification to the Notice of Requirement will be needed.