Get Ready Teams

Are you, your family and your property ready for floods, bushfires and other emergencies? Join your local Get Ready Team to improve how our local community recovers from disasters. 

Get Ready Teams are led by the community for the local community, and provide a way for residents to support each other and improve capacity for disaster resilience.

Locals know their history, risks, people, resources, capacity and location better than anyone. Community-led teams can improve disaster preparedness and resilience, and provide new ways to support each.

Local Get Ready Teams work alongside Council and combat agencies to build capacity within rural areas, promote preparedness, develop disaster readiness plans and take part in specialised training such as first aid, mental health first aid and chainsaw training.

Singleton Council and the Local Emergency Management Committee is working with the community to establish Get Ready Teams in the Singleton area include:

  • Broke
  • Bulga
  • Howes Valley
  • Putty
  • Whittingham
  • Jerrys Plains
  • Scotts Flat
  • Goorangoola
  • Mirannie
  • Mt Royal
  • Carrowbrook
  • Lambs Valley

Join your local Get Ready team

Join today to learn new skills, know your risk, share information, and find out what to do if there is a disaster in your area.