Community Resilience Network

The Singleton Community Resilience Network (CRN) is convened to support the Singleton Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC) and Singleton Council in fulfilling local functional responsibility for human and social wellbeing in disaster resilience and recovery. 

The CRN brings together organisations that are not traditionally represented on the LEMC or recovery committee, enabling participation of community service organisations, business networks, government, local NGOs, and others in recovery planning and resilience building for their communities. It provides a communications link for emergency managers to expert local advice on community needs and capabilities.

Organisations of the CRN bring specialist knowledge and insights about the needs and characteristics of the local community, particularly client groups who are often those most vulnerable to the immediate and longer-term impacts of disaster events. These organisations can also report on their service deliveries and capabilities in disaster recovery.

The inaugural meeting for the Singleton CRN will be held on 9 March 2023.

Join the Singleton CRN

Our Singleton CRN is now looking for member organisations - please let us know your interest by emailing E