Yengo National Park

Finchley Lookout, Yengo National Park.jpg

The World Heritage-listed Yengo National Park is part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, stretching from Wisemans Ferry to the Hunter Valley. It features tall rocky ridges and steep gorges as well as a number of Aboriginal sacred sites and rock engravings that have cultural significance to local Aboriginal communities.

Within its 1543 square kilometres is the historic, convict-built Old Great North Road, a reminder of the labour intensive infrastructure dating back some 200 years. There are a number of bushwalks and it is also popular with mountain bike riders. While 4WD access is preferred, there are some areas accessible by 2WD. There are various camping and picnic sites throughout Yengo National Park and areas with various access points around its boundaries.  

For further information, call National Parks and Wildlife office at Bulga on T 02 6574 5555 or head to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife website.