Upper Hunter Strategic Regional Land Use Plan

The Upper Hunter Strategic Regional Land Use Plan (UHSRLUP) was prepared by the then NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure (NSW DP&I) and adopted in September 2012. It is a sub-regional land use strategy that applies to the Local Government Areas (LGAs) within the Upper Hunter Region, which includes the Singleton LGA. It is a 20 year plan that outlines a range of key challenges facing the Upper Hunter region and lists actions to address these challenges.

The plan represents the Government’s proposed framework to support growth, protect the environment and respond to competing land uses and decisions to 2032. It seeks to achieve this through eight key challenges, being:

  • CHALLENGE 1 - Balancing Agriculture and Resources Development
  • CHALLENGE 2 - Infrastructure
  • CHALLENGE 3 - Economic Development and Employment
  • CHALLENGE 4 - Housing and Settlement
  • CHALLENGE 5 - Community Health and Amenity
  • CHALLENGE 6 - Natural Environment
  • CHALLENGE 7 - Natural Hazards and Climate Change
  • CHALLENGE 8 - Cultural Heritage

Planning proposals to amend Local Environmental Plans are required to demonstrate consistency with the UHSRLUP under the requirements of the NSW DP&E Guidelines for Preparing Planning Proposals.

The plan addresses the issue of balancing agriculture and resource development, and identifies and maps Strategic Agricultural Land and clusters of significant agricultural industries that are potentially impacted by coal seam gas or mining development, known as Critical Industry Clusters.