Branxton Subregional Land Use Strategy

The Branxton Sub-region Land Use Strategy and Structure Plan 2016 (BSLUS 2016) was prepared by City Plan Services Pty Ltd on behalf of the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (NSW DP&E), Cessnock City Council and Singleton Council. The BSLUS 2016 was adopted by Singleton Council on the 20 June 2016.

The BSLUS 2016 is a 25 year plan that applies to the Cessnock and Singleton Local Government Areas (LGA’s) and aims to capture the community’s shared vision for the Branxton Sub-Region. It contains objectives, policies and strategic actions for the sub-region and provides a broad structure plan and land release program for the area.

The BSLUS 2016 vision for the Sub-region is expressed in three statements:

  1. There is Flourishing Development - Growth is high. A new major centre is a hive of business activity. Housing options are diverse. It is a place for investment and prosperity. Local jobs are in new business sectors like education and professional services.
  2. There is a Strong Sense of Community Wellbeing - Infrastructure supports the needs of its communities. There is a high level of active and healthy activities like walking, cycling and playgrounds. The environment is clean and safe. Roads and bridges are connected and people can travel to and through the Sub-region efficiently.
  3. There is a Vibrant and Distinctive Character - Culture and history are acknowledged and respected. Main streets are busy, and there are many reasons to visit. It is a place that is distinctive and well-recognised beyond the Hunter Region. People of all ages are in the Sub-region because the services are there. It is an attractive place to live.


The BSLUS 2016 seeks to deliver this vision through achievement of six objectives, being:

  • OBJECTIVE 1 – Establish a settlement pattern and hierarchy of activity centres that foster a sense of place for existing communities and support quality lifestyles.
  • OBJECTIVE 2 - Provide suitable supplies of land, in appropriate locations to support residential, community and employment activities to meet forecast population and employment growth of the Sub-region.
  • OBJECTIVE 3 - Support the coordination of land and infrastructure developments, to assist in the appropriate provision and equitable access to community facilities, open space areas and employment centres for future residents.
  • OBJECTIVE 4 - Facilitate inter and intraregional transport links within the Sub-region, recognising its role as an important National through-route whilst enabling more active movement connections between local areas.
  • OBJECTIVE 5 - Recognise the importance of environmentally sensitive and important agricultural areas and, where possible, avoid land use conflicts arising from demands for urban growth.
  • OBJECTIVE 6 - Promote a range of residential densities to suit the needs of the community and support diverse lifestyle choices, whilst maintaining the rural setting and character of the Sub-region.

The BSLUS 2016 is high-level in its nature and informs the Local Strategic Planning Statements of Singleton Council and Cessnock City Council and local strategies and plans.

Planning proposals to amend Local Environmental Plans are required to demonstrate consistency with the BSLUS 2016 under the requirements of the NSW DP&E Guidelines for Preparing Planning Proposals.