Singleton Land Use Strategy

The Singleton Landuse Strategy 2008 (SLUS 2008) was prepared by Planning Workshop Australia on behalf of Singleton Council. It was adopted by Council in 2008, and endorsed by the (then) New South Wales Department of Planning. It is a local land use strategy that applies to the Singleton Local Government Area (LGA). It outlines key land use policies and principles to 2032. The intent of the strategy is to recommend actions for achieving the land use objectives of the community and to recommend changes to Councils Local Environmental Plan (LEP) to reflect the Singleton Council and community vision, the adopted 2030 Strategy, and the land use objectives, consistent with the NSW Government planning requirements, including the standard LEP provisions.

The SLUS 2008 vision is to create a progressive community of excellence and sustainability. It is structured into four key themes that take into account the key land use planning issues of the LGA, being:

  1. Urban settlement
  2. Villages and rural residential development
  3. Rural areas
  4. Environmental values and constraints.

Planning proposals to amend Local Environmental Plans are required to demonstrate consistency with the SLUS 2008 under the requirements of the NSW DP&E Guidelines for Preparing Planning Proposals.

Singleton Landuse Strategy 2008