Singleton LGA Growth Infrastructure and Facilities

By 2036, the Singleton Local Government Area (LGA) population is expected to grow to around 28,600 people. That’s an additional 3,900 people (16% increase) since the 2016 ABS Census of Population and Housing was carried out.

The Hunter Regional Plan, developed by the NSW Department and Planning & Environment, anticipates that the Hunter Region will be the leading regional economy in Australia by that time.

As population and economic growth occurs, we need to ensure that we have the infrastructure and facilities needed to cater for that growth. Council is seeking input from the community about what infrastructure and facilities they would like to see in the Singleton LGA to serve the community into the future. There is also a need to identify opportunities to partner with other government and non-government agencies, to coordinate the delivery of facilities, services and programs.

Key Features

The project aims to produce a Growth Infrastructure and Facilities Report to guide future infrastructure projects and investigation of associated funding sources.

While the project relates to the entire Singleton LGA, particular attention is being given to land within and in close proximity to business zones, industrial zones, residential zones, village zones and environmental living zones.

In terms of infrastructure and facility types, the key focus areas include:

  • Open space and recreation areas
  • Civic and community buildings
  • Environment and sustainability sites
  • Road and transport infrastructure
  • Stormwater management infrastructure

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Consideration of existing infrastructure and facilities 

In addition to identifying any requirements for new infrastructure and facilities, the Growth Infrastructure and Facilities Report will look at the current and future use of existing infrastructure and facilities:

  • Singleton has 32 established and well maintained parks and reserves and 20 playgrounds including a state-of-the-art All Abilities Playground
  • Lake St Clair is located just 30 minutes’ drive north of Singleton and offers wonderful camping and recreation opportunities
  • There is an abundance of civic and community facilities in the LGA including the Civic Centre, Singleton Library, Swim and Gym, Council-owned child care centres, Youth Venue and the like
  • The Singleton Waste Management Facility includes an education centre and facilitates re-use of waste resources through its recycling shop and community recycling centre. 
  • The LGA has a network of comparatively well maintained sealed and unsealed roads, bridges and major culverts, drainage structures, footpaths, kerbs and gutters, bus stops and carparks that are managed in accordance with the Council’s Asset Management Strategy